Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home again Home again...

Michael and I had a great vacation. It really seemed to fly by. 7 days later, we are home again. I feel like we just left and now we are back and it is cold outside. I love Arkansas, but I am completely ready for spring weather and summertime. I am ready to go to Lake or pool every weekend.

Well, back to the vacation. Yesterday was great. We left yesterday, but before we left we spent the day at the beach again. We went to the beach in Palm Beach, and when we arrived the beach was almost empty. The sign read “No Swimming, Sharks.” I wasn’t too worried, since the last time we were at the beach the water was too cold to get into anyway. When they said Sharks, they meant 1000’s of sharks. I loved it yesterday. I wasn’t about to get in the water. We could look out and see them. They were amazing. Some were big but most were 3 or 4 feet in size. They were jumping out of the water and twirling in the air. It was just very entertaining. I felt like a little kid, I could have watched them all day, oh wait, I did. Michael and Megan were making fun of me, but seeing that many sharks all jumping and playing was cool and rare. I tried to get pictures of them jumping but they were just too quick. I did get some pictures of the dolphins. I yet again, got sunburned from our three hours in the sun and 3 applications of sunscreen, however that happens. It isn’t bad; I noticed this morning it is already tan. I am glad we came home on Saturday it will give us today to adjust, relax, and do laundry (catch up on the DVR).

I think we are heading out to the baseball game. A hotdog sounds fantastic right now. Here are some pictures from our trip…enjoy:

First day in Del Ray
Beach time
Michael thought this was funny (men's restroom Old Key Lime)

Meg & I enjoying the sun

Dolphins (click on the picture to enlarge)

Friday, February 25, 2011

The last few days

Michael and I have been having a fun time over the last few days. Shopping and relaxing mainly, since we got sunburned from the beach we decided it would be better to stay out of the sun. Yesterday, we went to the Atlantic Hotel, in Fort Lauderdale to have a spa day. It was a much needed day. We had a Marie Antoinette and King couples spa retreat. It was a fantastic three hours. It starts with a chocolate body scrub, and I love love having chocolate wraps and scrubs, they smell so good you could eat it. I had one done in Playa a few years ago and my skin smelled like chocolate the whole day. After the chocolate scrub they apply a marshmallow body mask and then wrap you up to get toasty. While you are “baking” the therapist gives a scalp and face massage. Honestly if someone wants to play with my hair and rub my head all day I would be in HEAVEN!! That was my favorite part. They then have you get into a strawberry and chocolate bubble bath, together of course. It was a cool tub. I told Michael I want one of those in our house. It was huge, perfect for the two of us. We soaked in the bath for awhile to help soften our skin. After the soak in the tub you then have a massage with milk and honey body icing application. Definitely needed the massage my shoulders were so tight. The guy I had was amazing!! I liked him a lot. The lady Michael had I did not like so much. She was a little bossy, and kept telling my guy and Michael what she would do. I think my guy took his time, while Michael’s lady rushed to get done. It was still a wonderful way to spend the day. We had a late lunch at the hotel before we headed back to Megan’s place for a short nap.

When I am on vacation I sleep all the time. Megan says I sleep too much, but Michael says the more sleep you have the longer you live. I should live forever. Oh well. After I woke up from my nap we decided to go out and meet up with some of Megs friends at a bar and grill, to grab some grub and a beer. I have to tell a funny story from last night. A little background of the place…we were sitting on this outdoor patio bar area and to get to the bathroom, you have to walk through a glass door. The glass door had an almost equal sized glass window pane next to it. I got up to go to the bathroom and as I was walking over to the door I thought the glass pane was an open door, but then noticed the handle on the door and went on to the bathroom. Michael then got up to go to the bathroom and I was watching him walk over (because he is just so cute) and Michael walked right into the window pane face first. It was a very very loud bang. The room you walk into was full of people playing poker, who all saw him. I just died laughing. I am so mean, but it was hilarious. The people we were with heard the noise and looked at me and asked if he walked into the glass. I couldn’t stop laughing but it was just so funny and darn it if I had done it then Michael would have never let me live it down. One of the guys we were with walked over because we could see a smudge on the window (from his head) and he said yup that’s his head print. Michael thought it was funny too, and when he came back from the bathroom he was laughing about it. I was laughing so hard still that I was crying. He said he hit his knee and that it hurt, but his hard head was fine. I just have to say, no Michael was not drunk, he had one beer all night and that had been two hours prior, and it was a Corona. I love him for being such a good sport and laughing about the situation. Anyone could have done it, I thought it was a door until I got close, it was a VERY clean window. I thought someone else could get a good laugh out of the situation. I think today we are going to do some sun time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vacation Day 2

Today has been another fun and relaxing day. I was worried last night when I went to bed, since I was sunburned on my tummy and lower back, about going to the beach again. I put aloe on my skin several times last night before bed, and when I woke up this morning my sunburn had turned to tan. Thank goodness! So, we headed to Del Ray beach again today. I wanted to be much more careful about the sun, so I decided I would put 30 SPF on, I usually wear 15 SPF.

The beach was perfect again. The weather was a little warmer and the sun was a little stronger. The winds were stronger which mean the waves were too. It was wonderful, just laying around listening to the waves crash. I don’t think there is anything more relaxing than listening to waves in the sun on a beach. I applied sunscreen several times today, trying to prevent a sunburn. I thought I was being very very good, but somehow I ended up a little red today. It actually is kind of funny. I was so careful about applying sunscreen, but somehow I missed the tops of my feet. A sunburn on the tops of your feet hurts. The funny part is that I was burying my toes in the warm sand all day, so my toes are white and then the tops of my feet are bright red. How it is possible I missed my feet? Oh well.

On the way home, we decided to stop at the Old Key Lime for some food. It is this great little place on the water. All three of us had the Mahi Mahi fish tacos, which were amazing. I drank a Rum Runner, which really hit the spot. I was so tired after all day in the sun and my Rum Runner definitely helped, so when we got back to Megan’s place I took a two hour nap. Michael and Megan stayed awake and talked to each other and on the phone and I was completely out cold. It was the best nap in the world. After I woke up we all showered and walked over to City Place, for what started as a dessert run and ended up being a later dinner and dessert run.

I think tomorrow we will spend some time seeing the sights and staying indoors. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vacation Day 1

Michael and I arrived in West Palm Beach, FL last night at 11PM. We went back to Megan’s place and stayed up and talked, but not too long out of exhaustion from traveling. First thing this morning we decided we would go to the beach today. The sun was out and it was just a perfect day to lie on the beach and relax. We went down to Del Ray, where the traffic was a little ridiculous but because they have a tennis match happening down there. Andy Roddick. Maybe, we will find time and go watch him play on Tuesday.

We got down to the beach right after lunch. It was very busy, but it is a holiday weekend and it was Sunday. At first it was amazing, very peaceful and quiet. We just listened to the waves and soaked up the sun. Not too long after we arrived so did two guys, by themselves, and they decided to pick right by us to sit. Awful people. It was just a little crazy to conversations they were having within complete ear shot of the three of us. It actually made me want to leave. I have never heard two men talk so openly in a public place about sex and in grave detail. They were later joined by two other guys and the conversations got louder and much much worse. Michael even was uncomfortable. They more or less ruined the very relaxing day we were having together. We stayed at the beach until dinnertime and then decided to go grab some Mexican food at Uncle Julios. We were still in our swimsuits at dinner and it got very cold.

When we got back to Megan’s place, we decided to go jump in the hot tub. It was perfect. The weather cooled off and so the hot tub was a perfect place to end the day. We came back and showered ran to Wal-Mart for junk food and a few other items, and now our ending our relaxing beach day watching a movie. I am sunburned today. Only on my stomach and lower back, that’s what I get for waiting to put on sunscreen until I felt warm. The weather was just so perfect today, not too hot and not too cool, so I never really got to that point. Oh well. First time in years, but that won’t stop me from going to the beach tomorrow. Can’t wait for another wonderful relaxing day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Vacation Time

Michael and I need a vacation BAaaaDDD!! We normally take three vacations a year, two big ones and one that normally falls over a long weekend. We haven't taken a vacation since our honeymoon. Okay, I take that back he hasn't taken a vacation since our honeymoon. He let me go to Hawaii for two weeks in September.

The main reason we haven't gone on a vacation is because Michael started a new job right before our wedding and used almost all his vacation time for the wedding and honeymoon. So, on Tuesday of this week, we decided we wanted to go somewhere warm. I am one sick of the snow and two I am ready for some sunshine beach time. It was hard since it was sooooooo last minute, we are leaving Saturday. We didn't know what to do. We had a few don't wants, but other than that we were open. The big thing we didn't want to do is go to Mexico. Mexico with the problems they are having, made Michael not want to go, even if the problems are not in Cancun or Playa, he didn't want to send our money to them. So lots of discussion, go to Hawaii (which we are doing in August, again), go to Punta Cana, go on a Cruise...Knowing what the typical pricing for the Caribbean can be I was a little disappointed in my choices. So after lots and lots of conversations with the travel agent and Michael, we decided to stay stateside and go to West Palm Beach, FL. The temps are supposed to be 80s!!! Perrrrrrfect!!!

I am soooooooo excited. This trip will allow us to spend more time away then if we had gone to Punta Cana. I am a white ghost right now and can't wait to lay out in the sun and get tan!!! Michael is looking forward to relaxing and hanging out. I will miss my puppy but she will get to spend time with her Grandma and Grandpa and her best friend Callie.
Beautiful beaches -  West Palm Beach, FL

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February is Birthday Month!!!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a day late) to my oldest and best friend Veronica. I love you and our friendship more and more over the years. We have been friends since 8th grade and more than 10 years later and most of that time (11 years) have been spent miles and miles apart, but that hasn't stopped us. We could be stuck on an island together and never want to kill each other...oh wait we have been stuck on an island together for 2 weeks before. A Hawaiian island and with a baby. HEHE! Love you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

More snow!

Starting Tuesday late night, Wednesday morning it snowed 20" here at our house. Arkansas is not famous for lots of snow, but apparently it is right now. I really thought when I moved back to Arkansas from Chicago I would never have to shovel my driveway. Most of the time it snows and within a day or so it melts or at least halfway melts. Not this time or last week when it snowed. Michael and I spent late yesterday trying to shovel the driveway so that Michael could go to work. My crossover could get out of the driveway, but Michael's car was not going to make it.

I think my dog loves the snow more than anyone. She would stay outside all day if I would let her. She jumps and runs and acts like the snow is the most fun she has ever had. We took her out in the front yard while shoveling the driveway and she normally listens. Well, let me rephrase that, she listens to Michael. I swear she ignores me, but yesterday we learn there is one thing that can happen and she won't even listen to her daddy. Birds. Yes, birds. Our dog loves to chase them and apparently if she sees a bird her instinct kicks in and nothing else matters. She was chasing several birds around our house...don't worry no birds were harmed, they are MUCH faster than Gabby. I will add I do not like taking Gabby out in the front yard without a leash, I am so afraid she will run off. Honestly she is a chicken and doesn't really go far, but I am still worried that a bird or another dog, or even another person will distract her and she will run into the street and get hit by a car. Better safe than sorry. Michael loves to take her out without the leash. I am a big baby.

Michael and I have spent lots of time hanging out with out neighbor friends and their daughter, since we can't really drive anywhere. I just have to say how absolutely proud of Gabby I am whenever she is around their daughter. Gabby will lay there and let their daughter pull her tail and grab her feet. Gabby just gets a look of oh no not again. Stella, loves eyes right now. She likes to try and touch her mom's eyes and she really likes to touch Gabby's eyes, and the best part is Gabby holds still and lets her. Stella actually sometimes does the pinch motion towards Gabby's eyes and Gabby just lets her. Gabby thinks Stella is her best friend. Gabby gives Stella kisses and Stella loves to give Gabby kisses, and Stella's kisses are still open mouth, but it is SOOOOOO cute.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Schuylia!!

Happy 1st Birthday to this precious little girl!! Wishing more than anything I could be in Hawaii spending the day with you and your mommy, instead of in this cold cold snow! Can't wait to come visit in April!!

Love, Auntie Jen and Uncle Michael

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gabby 1st Birthday!

Gabby puppy the day we brought her home...or pretty close!!

January Snow

So I complained about not really getting any snow, and then a week later we got snow. J I love the snow, one reason Chicago wasn’t the worst place to live. I like Arkansas snow much better, well maybe. My puppy, Gabby, really REALLY loves the snow. Michael now thinks we should move to Colorado (I am game) so that our dog can play in snow all the time. Last year when we got Gabby in March, we got 12” of snow, but she was so little it wasn’t as much fun for her. So, I grabbed my camera and played photo mom and got lots of fun Gabby snow shots.

Gabby makes my day most days. She thinks she is a little doggie when now she weighs 60lbs. Big Doggie!! Here are some fun pictures from our snow in January!

1st Birthday Party

So things have been crazy around Fayetteville in the last month. I need to do some catching up. First, after Michael and I both had the awful flu we had a wonderful 1st Birthday party for our friend’s daughter. It was Dr. Seuss themed and I got to help with the invites. The party was so very cute and Stella definitely made out in new toys. And that sums it up…

Let me just say to everyone…I hope you don’t get the flu. Michael got it first, and I really thought I was in the clear. He was such a baby, or so I thought. He really did not have it THAT bad. About a day and a half after he got it, apparently it was my turn to become sick. I was so bad Michael called the hospital to find out if they could do something for me. It took me two days just to get out of bed. I really wouldn’t wish that flu on my worst enemies. I made myself get out of bed on Sunday, because I thought Stella’s birthday could not be missed. Before everyone decides I am horrible and could have gotten that poor baby sick with the flu…she is the one who gave it to us.

Stella is “1”and I can’t believe it. She is such a big girl now. She really has a close group of wonderful people around her…hehe if I do say so myself. Lots of family and of course friends were there and she was just as cute as a button for her birthday party. I am so glad Michael made me get out of bed and pushed me down the street to go. I would have been sad if I had missed all the fun.

Yummy cake and presents below!

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