Friday, May 31, 2013

Confessional Friday…

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1. I confess that I cried the other day, because my bestie left to move to the Northeast. She just moved back to the area a little over a year ago (from South Florida) and I thought she would stay this time. And she is moving to a not so fun vacation location.  BOO! *trying not to cry again.

2. I confess that today is Mason’s nanny’s last day and I think I am more sad not to have someone to talk to randomly during the day while I work than the fact that Mason won’t be at the house all day.  Hopefully that doesn’t make a horrible parent. 

3. I confess that I might have squealed a little over the return of regular trash TV starting next week/this weekend. RHWNJ…yup!

4. I confess that I am SUPER excited to be going to spend the weekend with my parents, when I just saw them four days ago. Garage Sale fun!

5. I confess that I am looking forward to some upcoming work trips one in particular to South Florida.  Sunshine and no Tornados…Yes please!

6. I confess that by Monday night I was so over the Memorial Day weekend and Mason’s exhaustion meltdowns and ready for work.  I didn’t go back to work until Wednesday. 

Don’t we all feel better when we confess are feelings.  Have a great Weekend!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mason-19 Weeks

Long Long Long.  Yup this kiddo has grown in length again! Okay, I know it is going to probably occur for the next 20 years but really give the kid a little break.  He is now 27.5” long.  2 weeks ago at his doctor’s appointment he was 26.75” long.  Almost another inch.  I think he grows overnight.  One day I will tell Michael lets measure him I think he is longer.  Michael laughs at me but indulges me and every single time the boy is longer.

We have had busy busy week and Memorial Day weekend.  Mason had his first of many trips to the lake.  His first of many times out on the boat, and he didn’t scream all of the time.  When the boat was moving he would almost always fall asleep.  The life jacket he hated, but really who wouldn’t.  Overall I think it was a very very successful trip and I can’t wait to go many more times this summer.  I know he will enjoy it more and more each time we go. 

My little Cubby Bear.IMG_2148Riding the neighborhood with his legs propped up on the stroller.IMG_2151Oh I love my ducky! It is the greatest!IMG_2154Check out that hair.IMG_2160Family shot.IMG_2161Sleeping baby.IMG_2162Daddy and Mason ready for some lake time.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2429.NEFGoing on a three hour tour!Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2431.NEFWaiting to leave the dock.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2437.NEFThis shows just how much he hated the vest.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2442.NEFPapaw is driving a what…?Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2445.NEFWhere are we going?Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2447.NEFThe life jacket tastes soooo yummy.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2448.NEFI am one cool cat.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2449.NEFThis is how Mason spent the majority of his time on the boat…eating or sleeping.Mason_Allen_05_26_2013_2450.NEF

Dad lets go over there it looks like more fun!Mason_Allen_05_26_2013_2452.NEFMy cute biker baby!image (1)Pope Masonimage (2)Okay, it is funny.  No we did not let him drink beer.  The bottle was cold and felt good on his gums, which might have teeth trying to come in.Mason_Allen_05_26_2013_2459.NEFHe loves to chew on the paci.Mason_Allen_05_28_2013_2466.NEFBlowing bubbles!Mason_Allen_05_28_2013_2480.NEFI want to feed myself!Mason_Allen_05_28_2013_2489.NEF

So sleepy after his long, long weekend.IMG_2168Scared Eyes!IMG_2169

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I have been so busy lately with work and well…Mason.  Who knew having a baby would be so time consuming.  HAHA!

Michael and I went to Chicago a few weeks ago, just the two of us.  I highly recommend taking time for just the two of you once you have kids.  It was nice to sleep uninterrupted and it was great to just talk to my husband.  We had a blast. 

The city of Chicago is a great city with a smaller town feel.  Everyone is always so nice and wonderful.  The city is beautiful, especially this time of year.  We walked everywhere.  The food was perfect as always.  I truly miss eating the food of that city.  You could eat a different restaurant every night and not even begin to touch the total number of restaurants in a year. 

Michael spent a few days, while I worked, seeing the city in a different way then he had before.  He went to the art museum and apparently spent the entire day there.  He went shopping and we did some shopping together.  My husband is great to shop with and I think he actually enjoys it.  I enjoy him going with me, because I value his opinion on what I wear.  He is the one who sees me the most.    




Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mason-Week 18

They grow up too fast...You hear this over and over again, but it is true.  He is getting so big and doing more stuff everyday.  He is has these great kissable cheeks and I cannot stop kissing them everyday.  He is going to hate me when he is 20 years old and I am still trying to kiss those cheeks.IMG_2090FaceTime with Papaw.  Papaw took this picture.  IMG_2091Mason is telling the sunshine Hello!IMG_2093We have tried green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes. This little boy loves to eat and is very good at it.  He gets mad at me if I am not fast enough to get the food in his mouth.IMG_2098Early morning fun laying around!IMG_2100He loves to look at himself in the phone.IMG_2101Happy boy!IMG_2102What’s up Mama?IMG_2108Feet, checking those suckers out and trying to figure out how to eat them.IMG_2112Out to dinner with Daddy!IMG_2114Sushi Yummy!IMG_2116Oh yeah, this face just screams I am up to something.IMG_2117Snuggling with Daddy.IMG_2120Going to cousin Ava’s birthday party!IMG_2122Playing at Nana and Papaw’s house.IMG_2125IMG_2131

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

17 Weeks-Mason

Mason went for his check up yesterday and shots.  I think he did better this time around than last time.  By yesterday afternoon, he was all smiles and giggles. 


Weight: 15lbs 5oz putting Mason right in the middle at 50%

Height: 26 3/4” We have a long long baby, 95%.  If this kiddo does not stop growing, he won’t get to wear half the cute clothes that he has in his closet.  He is long and lean.

Head: 16 1/2” Mason has a smaller head, 25%.  I will say this doesn’t surprise me, because neither Michael nor I have big heads.  I actually think Michael and I have the same size.

I love comparing how much he has grown since his last visit.  I think it is interesting that he grew an inch and a half in a week and two inches in two months.  In the grand scheme of things that is a lot. 

Mason spent most of last week with my parents.  They watched Mason and Gabby and allowed us to go to Chicago for a few days.  I had to be there for work, so Michael came along and we left Mason at home.  It was a wonderful 4 nights of uninterrupted sleep.  I thought it would be hard to leave Mason for the first time, but it really was not hard at all.  He was happy with his Nana and Papaw playing and getting lots of love. 

On Mother’s Day.  My first Mother’s Day and Nana’s first as a Grandmother!MothersDayMason showing his laid back style.  Just hanging out waiting to go to Nana’s house.Mason_Allen_05_08_2013_2407.NEFGabby checking out her brother!  They are both getting more and more interested in what the other one is doing.IMG_2051Going for a walk at Nana’s house.  I got plenty of pictures and videos to keep me happy.IMG_2060Early morning shot at Nana’s house.IMG_2061Nana letting me know he is doing just fine. IMG_2062This is how we spent the first afternoon back.  In his Mama’s arms.IMG_2073Sleeping with that mouth wide open.IMG_2074I am his little recliner.IMG_2076Even though we got shots, we are still as happy as can be!IMG_2083Taking a walk…Got to prop up those legs and eat that hand.IMG_2089

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