Thursday, May 12, 2016

Addison Birthday Party

A few weeks ago we had Addison's 1st Birthday party. When Mason turned 1 we had all of our family and friends over for a indoor party, but it was fairly low key compared to this party. I knew when we started thinking about Addison's party I wanted to think of Mason and most of our friends kiddos. Most are 3 and older and I knew would not be okay just sitting eating food, cake, and watching Addison open gifts. We didn't have a party for Mason this year, since he got to go skiing for his birthday, so it was almost like his party too. 

We did a carnival theme. Addison being the Ring Master. I got on Pinterest and found some ideas and got to making games and fun items for the party. I am big on DIY. We ended up with a face painter and a bounce house. The bounce house was curtesy of our babysitter/nanny. Both items were a HUGE hit with the bigger kids. Mason jumped in the bounce house until it was dark. 
Here is a picture of all the decorations. We made a bag toss game and a picture board with a lion and ringmaster out of wood. They were fun to paint. My family are all really good artists and I have always been able to take an idea and they will draw it and then I color or paint it. This time M took care of the drawing for me and I painted them. It took me probably two days to complete all the painting. We have a popcorn machine for our media room, so we brought it down. I order cracker jacks, cotton candy, and animal crackers for the kids. We also tried to keep with the theme going for food and had corndogs and nachos. I was surprised how many adults ate the corndogs. I really had them thinking the kids would like them over the nachos. Apparently parents too. 
 The kids all had a blast. Our initial plans were to have the party in our backyard. But it rained and rained and rained all week and really it was raining up until the party time. I was afraid we would all be stuck in the garage. Luckily the sun came out and the bounce house got blown up. The party was in our front yard. I was waiting for all the neighborhood kids to come join in on the fun.

Addison was so sleepy as the party went onward. She goes to bed at 6:30 most nights, and her party was from 4-6, so the closer 6 came the sleepier she was and would just lay on me.
The face painter was AMAZING!!! I really think I want her at every party we ever have from now on. The kids loved it and she was goooooood. Addison, as you can tell, was a little nervous about getting painted. She was nervous the entire party and would only go to me, Michael or my parents. I was surprised that she would go to my Dad. She normally won't stay with him long, but I think there were just too many people for her. I loved seeing them love on her, but I had to stay back or she would throw herself to me. She is totally a Mama's girl and I love it.  I wish I had stopped every kiddo and gotten a picture of their faces, but here are a few I caught.
The party was a lot of fun. It was a lot of work, but I loved every minute of planning and watching all of the kids have so much fun. I am always thinking about the next party we could throw. It is fun to see kids faces (not just my own kids) light up in excitement and having fun.

I think next year, we will probably be taking Mason skiing again, but I am thinking at 4 and on he will probably tell us what kind of party he wants to have and who he wants to invite if he has one. And once the kids are in elementary school I figure all of our parties will be kid driven not me driven. I will enjoy it a few more years with Addison.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Addison 12 Months

Weight: 19lbs. She is my tiny little monkey. She sits right on the average timeline.

Height: 29.75" I am thinking she is at 30" even but she was not having getting measured at the doctor.

Clothes: We are officially in 12m clothing. YAY! I finally feel like she is growing. Hopefully she doesn't spike and spike and spike like her brother did. I am enjoying having a little baby.

Eats: AddieMo is no longer on bottles. She drinks a lactose free milk and seems to be doing good. She might drink 12oz of milk a day and 3 meals plus a snack.

Sleeps: Still sleeping like a champ! 6:30pm-7am. On the weekends she will sleep until 8:00AM if we let her. It is crazy to me.

Likes: Addison likes to point. I feel like she wants me to tell her what everything is right now. She grabs things and holds them up to me asking what's her own terms. She is a watcher and doer. We have to be careful or she will try something she sees us or brother doing.

Dislikes: She is still a fearful child. At her birthday party she was only okay with Me, my Mom , Michael and even my Dad. Normally she isn't a huge fan of going to my Dad so I think he quite enjoyed extra snuggles. She hates people outside of Michael and Me.

Teeth: 5 teeth. She now has 6 teeth.

Saying: Mama, Dada, Bubba, Gah Gah (Gabby), Mah Mah (More) Nana, Papa, Tank ooouu,

What's New: Into everything!!!! Nothing is safe in our house. Nothing!!! She is way worse than her brother ever was with cabinets. I might be locking everything up high or child locking everything.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Addison 11 Months

Weight: Addison and I went to the doctor last week for a rash checkup. Guess who has an ear infection again!!! YAY us! But that means I get to know how we are growing or not growing. Addison weighed in at 18lbs 8oz. At 10 months for was 18lbs 7.5oz I will take any little increase.

Height: We also checked her height while there and she is 29.75" long! DANG!!

Clothes: Her length has pushed us into 12m PJs and really 12m anything. Thanks for the growth spurt, I was getting tired of all your old clothes. :-)

Eats: She loves food. She eat 4-6oz bottles a day. She will try anything we put in front of her, so that is good. And so far, the only suspected allergy is milk! Double yay!

Sleeps: Still sleeping like a champ! 7pm-7am.

Likes: Addison is on the move. She love to take over my drawers and pull EVERYTHING out. And I mean everything. Her brother did it too, so one would think I would be prepared for this, but she is worse.

Dislikes: Addison is afraid of lots of things. The vacuum, the bounce house, the hair dryer. If it makes loud noises she runs (or crawls quickly) to the hills. Strangers. She gives the straightest smiles for strangers.

Teeth: 3 teeth.

Saying: Mama, Dada, Bubba, Gah Gah (Gabby), Mah Mah (More) She is speaking more but I have not idea what she is saying. I have heard Nana a few times and Pa Pa too.

What's New: Walking! She is a little monkey and is getting quite confident in her skills. I have seen as many as 10 in a row. She is now walking and when she falls crawls to what she wants stands and repeats. I am sure by her first birthday in a month she will be a great little walker!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nice Weather

Why Hello Spring!

I am loving all this warm weather and so our the kids. We have been biking and walking and spending as much time outside as we can. The kids love biking together or at least riding in the cart together. Mason has his own bike, but can be frustrating to ride with around the block, so most of the time we put them both in the cart and go.

Ready to ride.
They have a good Daddy who bikes them around the neighborhood. It is great exercise pulling an extra 50lbs.
Addison has to sit like this the entire time. She giggles and laughs. I can only imagine what thoughts are going through her head.
And then...she sleeps. She also has a good big brother who lets her sleep on his shoulder during our longer trips. I keep telling Michael we need to get Gabby in on our bike rides too.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hooray, Weekend is here!

I am here I am alive. It has been one of those weeks. I had a sick baby. Really Really sick. She has had RSV this week and it is by far the worst illness we have ever been through with either kid to this point. Knock on wood. I hope no one has to go through RSV with their little ones.

I knew on Monday when I pick up Addison at school that she had it. It was running its course through the school, but I was hopeful she didn't have it. Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday she didn't sleep unless laying on one of us sitting up. This little one is my great sleeper and according to my Fitbit I only got about 4hours of sleep. It was so bad my Fitbit thought I was napping. Guess and hour or more awake confuses it.
Day 1 - Took her to the doctor because she had a fever and cough. 

Day 2 - Looks horrible. My Mom came up to help us out. 

Day 3 - doing 50% better. Still can't breath but no fever!
Addison went back to school today and Mama is glad is on the mends. I need to call the doctor and get an inhaler for her today, but other than that she is really doing much much better

Mama and Daddy are going out tonight and my Mom and Dad are headed back up here tonight to babysit for us. Thank goodnesss. My Mom was the only one who got her to sleep in her crib on Thursday. We have a fundraiser to go to for Michael's work, so I am excited. Free drinks and food. Music and more. I am excited. I need about 3 glasses of wine after the week of no sleep and dealing with a whining sick baby.

Hopefully next week I will be back at it and can give an update on our NO Spending month.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Addison 10 Months

What is this thing on me Mom??

Weight: A few weeks ago we went to the doctor for an ear infection and Addison was still sitting at 17lbs 10oz. No change. I find this weird, but the doctor wasn't worried. They want us back in another week to check her ears and check her weight. Michael thinks she is up. I guess we will see.

Height: 28 inches last time we checked. Sometimes I feel like her legs are so long and lean. I looked at a picture of Mason at 10 months and he feet and legs were bigger and he was 30" long.

Clothes: Since we aren't really growing we are still hanging out in 9m PJs and 6-12m clothes. If I throw on her a 12m dress it is big, but doable. I even have 6m onesies that fit her but are tight. It is insane the range of clothes she can fit into.

Eats: Addison eats great. 4 6oz bottles a day. 2-3 table food meals. It depends on her sleep if she gets table foods with us.

Sleeps: She is still going strong on her sleep. 7pm-7am. The girl likes her sleep like her Mama. She also naps 2x a day anywhere from an hour to two hours.

Likes: Addison loves her Mama. She is moving around the entire house. When she was home with me, while she was sick, I was on the phone with my boss and she disappeared. Silence and gone. I told my boss I lost the baby and to hang on. He has no kids so he didn't understand, but he let me go. Addison loves to eat. EVERYTHING. Maybe it is the teething or maybe she just loves food, but she is HANGRY if I am eating and not sharing.

Dislikes: Being put down on the floor after Mama is holding her. She is funny. She loves to be on the move and if I or Michael has her and taking her around the house she is happy, but the second we put her on the ground she cries the saddest tears. She HATES HATES HATES Mason's bounce house. HATES. Screams and panics with fear. She is also terrified of the iRobot vacuum. She will mess with it and then accidentally will turn it on and screams and crawls away as fast as possible to one of us for protection. We are usually laughing.

Teeth: 1!!!!! Finally. By next month she will have 2 I am patiently waiting the the 2nd bottom tooth to pop through.

Saying: Mama, Dada, Bubba, Gah Gah (Gabby), Mah Mah (More)

What's New: Addison took her first steps at about 9m 3wks. I was on the phone with a colleague and she walked from the coffee table to ottoman by herself. I told my colleague that she should be glad I didn't squeal in her ear. It took everything in me. I was glad she was home sick and I got to see it! She is so fun right now. I feel like I say that a lot but I try to soak in each and every moment.

Daddy what are you doing?

Mason's 10 Month Comparison.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day

I have been dealing with a sick pathetic baby all week. Worst time for her to get sick is when Daddy is traveling and Mama's work week is crazy. But it is okay. We have had lots of snuggles. On Tuesday, when I picked her up from school her temperature was 101.8. And well it definitely kept going up, so she has been home all week. It is an ear infection, rash, and cutting teeth trifecta!

I was super sad yesterday to miss Mason's school party. Michael went in my place, thank goodness he is back or I would have been even more upset. I told him before he left take lots of pictures for me. He took NONE! Zero!!!! I was soooooo mad. I even sent him a text while he was there reminding him. MEN!

I am super grateful that our friends have a kiddo in the same class and that our boys are best friends, because SHE took pictures and sent them to me. Thank goodness. They were cute pictures too! Michael doesn't have the greatest picture eye anyway, so I am glad she was there and grab some of Mason.
Mason checking out all the Valentine's. He told me after it wasn't a Valentine's Day party it was a birthday party. It was 2 kiddos birthdays too. So there might be some confusion.

How cute is this one? Mason came home and showed me it right away. Matched his shirt.

These two will most definitely be Heart Breakers when they are older! 

Mason's favorite part! Candy, cupcakes, SUGAR!!! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Addison Allergies

When Addison was born we were breastfeeding champs. She started having some bloody poop early on. Second kid problem, I still freaked out. We were at the doctor within an hour. They said it might be a milk intolerance. So, I cut out all milk. ALL MILK PRODUCTS. What did that mean? I couldn't eat anything. After a few weeks, I started not being so crazy about it. I wouldn't read the backs of every product and she did fine.

Then we weaned her and started formula. I gave her regular formula, thinking she was good on the milk allergy problem. She did fine. No rashes. No weird poop. Nothing. Then 2 months into straight formula...she started having diarrhea. Every kid in her class had it. I figured it was just a bug. Three weeks into the diarrhea the doctor said lets go to Nutramigen. I was super familiar with it as we used that to supplement early on. It is expensive. The doctor thought at the very least it would give her tummy a break. So we switched. They also said after the diarrhea was gone we could slowly bring back the milk formula. I started that about a month ago. I gave us plenty of time in between.

It was a slow progression. As of this weekend, I was completely out of Nutramigen. Now, over the last few (2) weeks Addison has had a rash. Not a bad one but eczema rash. She is eating everything in sight, so I didn't know if it was formula related or new foods related. So, yesterday I didn't give her anything but straight milk formula. And the rash is now to her toes. I am guessing it is the formula. I am changing her back to Nutramigen and see if the rash clears up in the next few days. I also called the doctor about it. I feel bad for her. It is in all her little fat rolls, the bends of her arms. Everywhere! Her poop has been fine, so that was always my go to for the milk allergy. I know a rash can be a sign too, but I am so upset. Boo. Hiss! I would love to not have to worry about at least one kids rashes.

Monday, February 8, 2016

30 Day Challenge - Week 1

Week one is done. It was hard. It was soooooo hard. Both Michael and I spent some money. Michael bought some medicine, which isn't cheating. I had to get some woman products when I got a surprise visitor. Both are in the essentials category.

Now, for the Non-essential purchases. I am keeping it real here. Michael went to play poker Friday. He does this every month. I was so mad at him, because I kept telling him that it was spending money. His response. Only if I lose. I was so mad at him. Well, he didn't lose and he even won some money, BUT it was so breaking the rules. I knew he wouldn't be able to go the whole month I knew it. I told him on Saturday during an argument over poker that we might as well quit. He kept saying that I am the one who spends more money. As, I explained to him, this is for both of us to realize what we spend the most money on. I rarely ever do for myself. When I do spend money it is on my kids.

My payback, yes, I spent money. I signed Mason up for swim lessons for March and April and that required that I pay for said lessons now. Obviously, I couldn't wait until March to sign up for lessons in March. See money spent on my kids!!!!!!

Other items, I am refraining from purchasing right now. Mason needs new shoes. I put on a pair of his favorites the other day and his toe was all the way at the end. Now, I have a few a half size up, but they are too big. Barely, but still. I need shoes that lace up for him. He has one good pair of converse and some boots that still fit, so I can wait until March to get him new shoes. We will go shopping together and try a bunch on.

We will see how this week goes. I am guessing easier. Michael is gone part of this week on a work trip, which makes it easier on him to not spend money. I will be playing single Mom, which makes my life harder but busier. I will be heading to the grocery store today or tomorrow to pick up milk, eggs, bread and formula for Addison. Check out an update on Addison this week.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January/February 2016 StitchFix #4

This StitchFix was a HUGE disappointment. Out of 5 items, I kept 2, and really it didn't meet my requests. I had asked for jeans, so I got one requested item. I love love love jeans. I have specific information that I wanted low rise jeans. I also request great transitional items for Spring. I did receive a pair of mid-rise (WAY to high for my taste) jeans and NO Spring items. Not even remotely.

They changed my stylist this time around and I am requesting my last one. She listened to me. My last fix was ski clothes for night time and it was a 5 for 5.

Pixley, Greenich Striped Knit Top ($48) & 
41Hawthorn, Shara Herringbone Vest ($68)
The only items I kept. Even though, these two items are the furtherest things from Spring. I still like the vest and I thought the shirt went great with it. The Pixley shirt is super soft and I like the patches for detail! 

Just Black, Madelyn Released Hem Skinny Jean ($88)
These are horrible. Mid to High Rise jeans. As soon as I took them out of the box, I could tell the rise was too high for my from the zipper. Other than the rise of these jeans, which are completely not my style, the feel of them is great. The stretch is perfect. But what part of Low Rise do these jeans say. NOTHING. Okay, disappointing rant over. I also have spent less on better quality jeans. My jean prices range from $65-$200 and I have about 15 pairs in my closet. I know good jeans. 

Brixon Ivy, Sylvester Split Neck Blouse ($54) & 
Renee C, Melisa Mixed Geo Print Pencel Skirt ($48)
I know some of you are going to think both of these items are great. I have requested NO dresses or skirts. I have 2 kids I am chasing around. I never wear dresses, except to weddings or fundraisers. I was disappointed when my stylist said it would be great to wear to meetings. Yeah, those hundreds of work meetings I go to daily on the phone in my home office. BTW, my profile says that too. Also, it is a knit cotton material. In my business world, I have to wear suits to my business meetings, so a knit skirt would be TOO casual. The skirt was a great fit, and would be super comfy. Now the shirt, I liked the color, but the style wasn't great. My husband said I looked like I was on Little House on the Prairie. Now, I did have my hair in braids, but I promise he was talking about the shirt. It is hard to see the detail around the neck, but I just wasn't loving it, so I sent it back.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

30 Day Challenge

Michael and I decided that we were going to do a 30 Day 29 Day Financial Challenge during the month of February. It started Monday, of course. The goal, not to spend any money during the month of February.

The Rules:
     1. No eating out.
     2. Only buy Milk, Bread, Eggs, Cheese at the Grocery Store.
     3. Eat our way through the pantry and freezer.
     4. Nothing that is not essential. Like if we need toilet paper, gasoline, diapers...done.
     5. No Extra Activities.
     6. NO SHOPPING!!!!!

We decided to eat through our pantry, mainly because we have a deep freezer full of food that half the time we forget we have and therefore buy more of it or never eat it. So, we are planning to avoid the grocery store, except for items for the kids or items that won't last a month.

Michael and I have bets on who will break first. I definitely think it is him. Why? I work from home. I don't have people calling me everyday asking me to go to lunch. My day consists of getting up, getting kids ready, working, eating lunch, picking kids up, making dinner. Repeat! Michael leaves the house and goes to an office where people ask about lunch. For instance, he has a lunch Wednesday (already breaking the rules), but it is okay because it is a lunch that has been planned for awhile. But case in point. He will not make it!

What is going to be hard for me? No shopping. I am a shop-a-holic. Mainly for the kids. I have already been thinking about things for the kids like new shoes for Mason that I need to get. Oh well. I can wait until March. But it is going to hard. Super hard. I already realized one essential item I am going to have to get soon. Powder foundation. I am out. Like emptied it this morning. GRRRRR! I would wait, but I have a work trip this month, and can't go looking like a scary person.

I think it won't be as hard this month as it could be. Michael and I both have work trips this month. We will get to cheat sort of. We will eat out and probably eat very well, but on our company's dime and not on our dime.

I will give an update every so often. Hopefully we make it the full month! Wish us luck!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Gabby

Today this sweet girl turns 6!!! I cannot believe 6 years ago I convince Michael to get a dog. And I cannot believe he found her. We adopted her and she has been the best fur child I could ever ask for. She listens, most of the time. She loves her brother and sister to pieces. She is super tolerant of them loving on her. She has the best personality. Even though, I can tell she is moodier about other dogs or she will hide in our room when she needs a break and that is a tall tell sign of her age.

She is definitely aging. Her gray and my gray are about the same. Too bad they don't have Doggie Hair Dye for her. She will be spending her day doing what she loves best...sleeping. I will take her out this afternoon to play Frisbee, her second favorite activity. Too bad the pool isn't open during her birthday or she would be in it today. The weather will be perfect today in the 60s so we may even take her on a walk.

I love seeing how she has changed over the years. She is thinner than she was during year 2-4 and a lot grayer. My old lady!

~Check back tomorrow for Michael and I's challenge for each other during the month of February~

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Addison 9 Months

Weight: 17lbs 10oz. She is actually down from earlier this month. The doctor didn't seem worried about her weight, which is good, but does make me worried a little. She shot up when we started formula at 5 months, so might just be evening out.

Height: 28 inches. She is long, but not as long as her brother was at 9 months.

Clothes: Addison is still wearing 9 month PJs. 6-12 month clothes. There are some 6 month items that still fit and even a few 12 month items she can wear. I feel like at this age Mason could not fit into 6 month ANYTHING, so it is weird but good too.

Eats: Addison eats great. 4-5 6oz bottles a day. 2-3 table food meals. It depends on her sleep if she gets table foods with us.

Sleeps: She is still going strong on her sleep. 7pm-7am. Weekends 7pm-8am. The girl likes her sleep like her Mama. She also naps 2x a day anywhere from an hour to two hours.

Likes: Loves being on the move. She is crawling and pulling up to everything. She wants to walk so bad. She even lets go and stands on her own a few seconds at a time. She is proud of herself when she is cruising the furniture. She loves her Mama. She is constantly at my feet and using my legs to pull up to a stand. She cries/gets mad when I hand her off to anyone. Loves Loves her Mama.

Dislikes: She really really hates the car. If she doesn't have her paci in the car she cries. She doesn't need the paci except during naps/bedtime and car rides. I hate taking her anywhere that will take longer than 20 minutes unless it is nap time.

Teeth: Nothing. Absolutely no teeth.

What's New: Nothing new really. She is eating lots of yummy table foods. This weekend we tried Avocados and Scrambled Eggs. She loves to feed herself. If I place anything into her mouth it immediately comes out, she looks at it and then usually will put it back in. It is funny.

Here is Mason's update Mason 9 Months

My 3 babies. 
Big Brother helping guide her hand to that Cheerio. 

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