Monday, February 22, 2016

Addison 10 Months

What is this thing on me Mom??

Weight: A few weeks ago we went to the doctor for an ear infection and Addison was still sitting at 17lbs 10oz. No change. I find this weird, but the doctor wasn't worried. They want us back in another week to check her ears and check her weight. Michael thinks she is up. I guess we will see.

Height: 28 inches last time we checked. Sometimes I feel like her legs are so long and lean. I looked at a picture of Mason at 10 months and he feet and legs were bigger and he was 30" long.

Clothes: Since we aren't really growing we are still hanging out in 9m PJs and 6-12m clothes. If I throw on her a 12m dress it is big, but doable. I even have 6m onesies that fit her but are tight. It is insane the range of clothes she can fit into.

Eats: Addison eats great. 4 6oz bottles a day. 2-3 table food meals. It depends on her sleep if she gets table foods with us.

Sleeps: She is still going strong on her sleep. 7pm-7am. The girl likes her sleep like her Mama. She also naps 2x a day anywhere from an hour to two hours.

Likes: Addison loves her Mama. She is moving around the entire house. When she was home with me, while she was sick, I was on the phone with my boss and she disappeared. Silence and gone. I told my boss I lost the baby and to hang on. He has no kids so he didn't understand, but he let me go. Addison loves to eat. EVERYTHING. Maybe it is the teething or maybe she just loves food, but she is HANGRY if I am eating and not sharing.

Dislikes: Being put down on the floor after Mama is holding her. She is funny. She loves to be on the move and if I or Michael has her and taking her around the house she is happy, but the second we put her on the ground she cries the saddest tears. She HATES HATES HATES Mason's bounce house. HATES. Screams and panics with fear. She is also terrified of the iRobot vacuum. She will mess with it and then accidentally will turn it on and screams and crawls away as fast as possible to one of us for protection. We are usually laughing.

Teeth: 1!!!!! Finally. By next month she will have 2 I am patiently waiting the the 2nd bottom tooth to pop through.

Saying: Mama, Dada, Bubba, Gah Gah (Gabby), Mah Mah (More)

What's New: Addison took her first steps at about 9m 3wks. I was on the phone with a colleague and she walked from the coffee table to ottoman by herself. I told my colleague that she should be glad I didn't squeal in her ear. It took everything in me. I was glad she was home sick and I got to see it! She is so fun right now. I feel like I say that a lot but I try to soak in each and every moment.

Daddy what are you doing?

Mason's 10 Month Comparison.

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