Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello 2014, Goodbye 2013

We had a BIG year!!! It is hard to highlight just a few fun times this year, but here goes.

January 2013, We went from a family of 3 to a family of 4!!Mason_Allen_01_26_2013_1821.NEFWelcome Baby Mason!DSC_2134February 2013, My brother finally got to meet his first nephew and both loved each other!Mason_Allen_02_08_2013_1925.NEFWe all got adjusted to our new life together.IMG_1517March 2013, Mason attended his first Razorback sporting event.  Baseball!photo (1)Mason got baptized!Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2124.NEFApril 2013, Our little family at the Spring football game.Mason_Allen_04_20_2013_2232.NEFMay 2013, Michael and I took our first trip away from Mason to Chicago.IMG_2067Mason had his first boating experience.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2447.NEFJune 2013, We got 5 generations of Sperry's together for a family photo.5generations_06_29_2013_2611.NEFMason got sick for the first time, after starting school for a week.IMG_2353July 2013, First Family Beach Vacation!!!Beach_Vaca_07_08_2013_2885.NEFMy childhood friend’s fiancĂ© asked me to be her bridesmaid. SUCH AN HONOR!! June 2014!!! Can’t wait. Beach_Vaca_07_02_2013_2829August 2013, We bought a new house and moved in.IMG_2896September 2013, Hiking to a waterfall. Mason did awesome and loved it.MasonAllen_09_02_2013_3195.NEFOctober 2013, My best friend and her family moved back to the mainland and came to visit! Mason loves Auntie Veronica!MasonAllen_10_19_2013_3516.NEFNovember 2013, Mason started Walking and getting into EVERYTHING!20131106_195718Mason also met Santa…I will call it a success.Santa1December 2013, Mason and Gabby got to play in the snow.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3799.NEFEveryone had a wonderful Christmas together with our family.MasonAllen_Nov_12_24_2013_3865

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I wanted to share our Christmas Card this year.  Everything seems a little different with Mason this year.  I hope everyone has had a great day.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Favorite Song

This is Mason’s favorite song and he always dances to it.  I shorten the video to my favorite 30 seconds.  It gets good at 20 sec mark.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mason 11 Months

Doing the stickers is getting SO hard. I try to be sneaking but he is too smart for me. Here he says I see that you stuck something to my perfectly good shirt.MasonAllen_Nov_12_09_2013_3812.NEFOkay, lets take this off here Mom.MasonAllen_Nov_12_09_2013_3815.NEFSticking it to the chair was even difficult. Michael is jumping up and down in the room to avoid Mason’s standing up to grab the 11.MasonAllen_Nov_12_09_2013_3822.NEF

Weight: He doesn’t have to go back to the doctor until next month, but my professional opinion says he weighs in at 23+lbs.  SO BIG.  I sometimes pick him up and he just feels SO heavy.  Because he is soooo heavy. It is great for the leg workout I get every time I take him up our stairs.   

Height: I feel like he recently has grown another inch or more.  His pants are starting to become high waters.

Clothes: Mason is wearing 12 month and 12-18 month clothing.  I need to go buy him some 18 month pjs.  I do feel like he was in 12 month clothing the longest which is good.  

Eats: We have started solid foods. He is a little bird and follows around anyone with food with his mouth open wide. I usually give him a bite of whatever I am eating. I have also started planning all my dinner around whether he can eat it or not. He loves bananas and oranges.  Any melons and pineapple.

Sleeps: We sleep now from 7-6:30. He has been waking up at night once. It is because he is cutting a molar. Yikes.  I can feel his poor swollen gums. I would really like it if that darn tooth would hurry up and cut.

What he is enjoying: Walking! Yes he is walking. At some point in the last month he began walking. He will take 10-15 steps by himself. He has started to pivot on one foot to turn around and he will let go of whatever he might be holding to get to you. Now if he wants to get somewhere fast…he is a speed demon in the crawling department. He loves following around Gabby and if his cousins are around he tries to keep up.  He loves playing at school. The director told me the other day that most kids his age just parallel play but that Mason actually plays with the other boys in his class. She also told me Mason is the pack leader. Well…can’t wait until I get told he is the troublemaker. 

Teeth: 6 teeth total with at least one molar trying to come in right now.

Talking: He says mama, dada, papa, and gah (which is gabby). He will get so excited and say Gah Gah a ton.  A few times it has come out Gabby but not quite there. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Snowed In

We and most of the South got hit with a winter storm last week.  In my area we got about .5” of ice and 6” of snow.  That is some of the reports.  I will save all of you from my rant about how horrible this area is about clearing roads.  I have been trapped in my house for 5 days!!! AHHHH!!! Michael left this house this morning and went to work…jealous! He said the roads were bad, just a big sheet of ice. No fun! So, what’s a family to do when they are trapped in the house.  Watch LOTS of movies, and take our almost 1 year old outside for a total of 10 minutes to basically get pictures of him with his first snow.

Yesterday, we were going so stir crazy, but luckily my in laws and niece and nephews came over to play. Thankful for the change in scenery. The kids had a blast and Mason had fun just watching everyone play.  Soon kiddo, very soon you can chase after them.  He is a fast crawler, but it is hard to keep up with two 2 yrs olds that ran around squealing.  They were loud,  but having SO much fun.

Friday morning, when Mason woke up…we took him to the window to see the snow.  He was screaming and banging on the window. Gabby was also VERY excited to see the snow.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3727.NEFWe put Mason in his snow suit and decided to take him outside, while it was still snowing. He didn’t really care for the coat. He acted about how Gabby acts when we put her in an outfit…stiff.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3730.NEFHe acted so funny out in the snow.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3738.NEFTrying to figure out what this white stuff is on the ground.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3755.NEFGabby was in doggie heaven. We didn’t get a big snow last year, so she would just run and run chasing snowflakes.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3764.NEFThe snow was coming down hard.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3779.NEFThe front of our house snowing.  I had to get this.  I thought the snow was so pretty. My candy canes are almost buried.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3789.NEFOur attempt at sledding with Mason.  It was funny.  Notice Gabby running.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3804.NEFMason watching Gabby from inside the house.MasonAllen_Nov_12_06_2013_3807.NEFThis is the only shot I got while the in laws were over.  Isn’t it the sweetest picture EVER?! This is my niece and nephew doing some snuggling on the couch. This sweet girl is never going to have a boy hurt her with 3 boys cousins.  She may even hate them for their protective-ness.  MasonAllen_Nov_12_08_2013_3808.NEF

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sleep jumping

This is entertainment for me. Mason was jumping and playing away and I was sitting in the floor with him. All of the sudden he just closes his eyes...but continues to jump.  I tried to pick him up and he opened his eyes wide and started jumping hard. I sat back down and he started falling asleep again, so I decided to take this video. Hope it brings a smile to your face.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Round Up

What melts a mama’s heart more…When her big brother comes in town to visit and her little boy just loves him again.  They don’t see each other very often, so I always hope that Mason isn’t afraid of him.  He was instantly interested in his Uncle Eric. He was smiling and giggling and had so much fun with him.  Now he will be back for Christmas and I am sure it will be more of the same. MasonAllen_Nov_11_23_2013_3721


This is Mason in his highchair after eating his Thanksgiving dinner.  He was ready for a nap, just like the rest of us. Our Thanksgiving day was interesting.  About 30 minutes before our food was ready our electricity went out.  Panic.  We ran to my brother’s house to see if his electricity was out. He has a house close to my parents.  His was out too.  So, what do we do, but go to the liquor store.  Luckily, it was back on in an hour and so we ate at 1:00 instead of 12:30.20131128_132844Thanksgiving food is SOOOOO Good!!20131128_133016After lunch, I put Mason down for a nap and then what happens…our electricity goes out again.  What to do…what to do? Play a nice game of family Risk.  We played this a lot when in high school. I played with my brother and his friends and I played with my friends. Fun times!20131128_152022Mason woke up from his nap and so we had to teach him how to play. Teach them young. I should add that I won…hehe! The key is always Australia.20131128_155136Trouble trouble trouble!!! TV is going on the wall. We have been looking for a new media console for our living room since we moved in and that’s why the TV isn’t on the wall yet.20131130_150531This is how Thanksgiving weekend ended. I ran out of diapers and ran to Target. When I walked in with these boxes, Mason went crazy for them. Can’t wait for him to open his toys at Christmas and play with the boxes.20131201_172259

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mason’s First Santa…

I took Mason to visit Santa.  I thought it would be a good test.  It started out good. I was sneaking when I sat him in his lap.  We waved at Santa and then I backed him up. Mason was more interested in Mrs. Claus.Santa1I think this shot is adorable. This is when things got interesting. He was like…who is this guy. I love that Santa is looking at him too.Santa_VisitThis is his…okay where is my mama!!Santa4

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I made this garland the other evening.  I thought I would share.  It was super easy to make.  I am in the mood for Christmas. I know most people hate when other people decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I don’t care.  I have only done the inside of the house.  The outside will be done after Thanksgiving.


All you need is Work Garland, deco mesh (3 different kinds), and ornaments.  I purchased all the items from Hobby Lobby in two different aisles.  The deco mesh and work garland are in the same aisle.  I had never heard of work garland (I know, what rock was I living under).  But I Googled had to make it and Work Garland it is.  BTW right now, Hobby Lobby has Christmas 50% off (this is basically every week).  I saw a similar garland at Sam’s Club last weekend and I spent half.  Fun!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We are in Trouble…

He looks oh so sweet and innocent.  BUT…this is a troublemaker.  20131105_15341020131106_19565820131106_195710What…I am not doing anything wrong here.20131106_195718Where the Gabby girl goes the boy is sure to follow!20131110_173756Eating eggs and cheerios and pancakes.20131113_183203Sharing with the Gabby girl.20131113_183245Finding new hiding spots.20131115_17234020131115_172356Totally not doing anything over here…go about your way.20131115_172551

Here is a fun video to share…Dancing baby.

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