Monday, March 28, 2016

Addison 11 Months

Weight: Addison and I went to the doctor last week for a rash checkup. Guess who has an ear infection again!!! YAY us! But that means I get to know how we are growing or not growing. Addison weighed in at 18lbs 8oz. At 10 months for was 18lbs 7.5oz I will take any little increase.

Height: We also checked her height while there and she is 29.75" long! DANG!!

Clothes: Her length has pushed us into 12m PJs and really 12m anything. Thanks for the growth spurt, I was getting tired of all your old clothes. :-)

Eats: She loves food. She eat 4-6oz bottles a day. She will try anything we put in front of her, so that is good. And so far, the only suspected allergy is milk! Double yay!

Sleeps: Still sleeping like a champ! 7pm-7am.

Likes: Addison is on the move. She love to take over my drawers and pull EVERYTHING out. And I mean everything. Her brother did it too, so one would think I would be prepared for this, but she is worse.

Dislikes: Addison is afraid of lots of things. The vacuum, the bounce house, the hair dryer. If it makes loud noises she runs (or crawls quickly) to the hills. Strangers. She gives the straightest smiles for strangers.

Teeth: 3 teeth.

Saying: Mama, Dada, Bubba, Gah Gah (Gabby), Mah Mah (More) She is speaking more but I have not idea what she is saying. I have heard Nana a few times and Pa Pa too.

What's New: Walking! She is a little monkey and is getting quite confident in her skills. I have seen as many as 10 in a row. She is now walking and when she falls crawls to what she wants stands and repeats. I am sure by her first birthday in a month she will be a great little walker!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nice Weather

Why Hello Spring!

I am loving all this warm weather and so our the kids. We have been biking and walking and spending as much time outside as we can. The kids love biking together or at least riding in the cart together. Mason has his own bike, but can be frustrating to ride with around the block, so most of the time we put them both in the cart and go.

Ready to ride.
They have a good Daddy who bikes them around the neighborhood. It is great exercise pulling an extra 50lbs.
Addison has to sit like this the entire time. She giggles and laughs. I can only imagine what thoughts are going through her head.
And then...she sleeps. She also has a good big brother who lets her sleep on his shoulder during our longer trips. I keep telling Michael we need to get Gabby in on our bike rides too.

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