Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Addison 4 Months

Weight: I was so excited to see how much lil miss is weighing at her doctor's appointment. 13lbs 2.5oz. LOVE it. My guess was 12lbs 2oz. I was off by a whole pound. She is getting those adorable fat rolls. She is in the 25% on weight!

Height: I have long and lean babies. Lil Miss is 25" long. That puts her in the 70%. It is so fun to see them grow and grow. Especially at this age. They grow so fast.

Head: 16.04" in the 52%

Clothes: Addison is wearing 3 month clothing. We have outgrown all of our newborn clothes (YAY) and most of our 0-3 month clothing. You are wearing a size 1 diaper and I don't see you moving up anytime soon. You are very long and I have a feeling your PJs are going to be upgrade to the next size soon.

Eats: You are eating 2-3 4oz bottles a day at school and nurse 2-3 times a day. You also have about 7oz a day of formula. Mommy is about to have to start crazy traveling soon and I am trying to cut back on the pumping but it isn't working very well. I did let you try a frozen banana the other day, because I think you are teething. You LOVED it. You would cry every time I would put it down. I think you will be a good eater. In the next few weeks we may start playing with food.

Sleeps: You are a weird sleeper. You take 2-3 naps a day at school. One is usually long 2-3 hours and the other two are about 30 minutes. At night you sleep some nights from 8pm-3am and other nights you wake at about 1am acting like you are STARVING. I am hoping to break you of this habit soon, but not sure how. I really think you are in need of the food.

Likes: You love your brother and watch him all of the time. You also love the fan. I can turn it on slow and you will smile at it. You insist on sitting up most of the time. You have started to roll over in the last month. You do it on your own time. Most rolls are from tummy to back but you do back to tummy when you are trying to get somewhere. You are a very happy, smiley and always giggling kind of a girl. I think you are teething, the drool and finger chewing is intense. We will see. Watch it be 6 more months until we see the first tooth.

Dislikes: We are lucky. You don't have a lot of dislikes. You cry only when you are hungry or sleepy. The teachers at school say you are a good baby. I would say you are still fairly unhappy with the carseat. It depends on your mood, but you typically express your dislike for the carseat as I put you into it. After we get moving and you realize your cries are not getting you out you become happier.
You are really enjoying eating your fingers.
The sticker went on the chair. Addison discovered it and kept trying to eat it. I think Mason was about 11 months before we started sticking it to the chair. Maybe next month it will be back on her.

I can't believe Addison is already 4 months. And growing slowly but surely.

Our comparison of Mason and Addison. If you want to check back on Mason at 4 Months go HERE.

As Ever,

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Review

We had a fairly relaxing weekend. Friday night, my BIL and SIL came over with their kiddos to play. Mason loves playing with his cousin. They are so cute together and love each other it is so much fun. I am really hoping that in 5 or 10 or 15 years they are still enjoying each others company. Michael and his cousin are close so I hope that they are too.

Michael got off work early on Friday and took Mason to Academy, where Mason wanted everything soccer and golf. We plan to get Mason into a fall soccer league and he really wants to play, so we got him a few items just to make him happy. He immediately wanted to put everything on when we got home. Silly boy.

Posing with his Mama. He told me that he wanted to take a picture with me. So cute. I loved it.

Then we did a family photo.

And our little princess has just been so smiley and happy lately. I am loving this stage, and she is finally starting to babble. She would do it randomly, but never as if talking to me. Now she is beginning to grunt and coo at us. 

Fingers in her mouth ALL OF THE TIME. 

Saturday, we had a fun party to go to at Michael's boss' house. They were raising money for cystic fibrosis and we played Cow Patty Bingo. It was a lot of fun but very country fun. You got to pick a bingo square...aka at place in the field that was marked off. Then they released the cow into the field and waited to see what square the cow decided to poop in. Yes, this was cow patty bingo. And in the time it took the cow to poop, the kids swam and the adults ate. Mason got to ride around in the field and see the cow up close, which he loved until he was in the middle of a ton of cows then he wanted his Mama. After the party we went home and Michael's Mom came over and visited for a little bit.

Sunday, was lazy family day. Everyone napped. It was raining in the morning, so we had movies and snuggles day. I love those days the best. I needed a day to rest.

Friday, August 21, 2015

New Garage Doors

You got to love being homeowners. Especially when something breaks and costs a lot to fix. I always hate unexpected costs. When we moved into our house there was a dent in the garage door, from where the current owner backed into the garage. It still worked and they said it had for awhile, so they didn't fix it and neither did we...until now. About two weeks ago as I pulled into the garage it made this awful noise. I immediately jumped out because the garage would not close. The door was falling in. I backed my jeep out of the garage...didn't want it falling in on that and I called my husband. I also proceeded to call several garage repairs places.
This shows how bad it was...boo.

After several quotes and a few recommendations, we had to replace both garage doors! BLAH!!!! That made me mad. These were cheap doors. VERY cheap. Needless to say this week we got brand new doors. Before and after below. Hard to tell a difference, but the new doors have 5-panels and the old 4-panels. The new doors are soooooooo much quieter. Our old doors were insulated but these are way better. I am happy with the end product, just unhappy with the price tag. We should have made the old owners fix before we moved in. Lesson learned.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


It is Thursday and I am dreaming of the weekend, so why not recap last weekend. I spent the entire weekend at home, pretty much, since I was recovering from the Pinkeye. Michael didn't want to take me out in public.

Friday night, Michael took Mason to see the local minor league baseball game. Mason's love of baseball means he will sit still through the entire game. Michael's friend went with them...we call him Uncle Skrocki. Uncle Skrocki enjoyed purchasing everything that Mason asked for. He is lucky he is only 2 and doesn't realize he could get ANYTHING he wanted. Watch out Uncle Skrocki he will realize it eventually. Uncle Skrocki bought Mason ice cream, popcorn, and a foam finger. They stayed up waaaay past his bedtime and got to watch the fireworks. Mason also LOVED those.
Before they left for the game, Mason was busy reading. 

I will beat you up Uncle Skrocki.

I am not sure who had more fun at the game. 
Watching the fireworks.
On Saturday, we worked in the yard and swam. We needed to get new mulch for one of our front beds and it looks a lot better. I told Michael that I saw a red wasp going into our basketball goal the other day so he went to spray the goal. About 30 red wasps fell out DEAD. He decided to open up the goal and check inside and this is what he found. We are very lucky that someone (Mason or anyone) didn't get attacked by the swarm that could have come out. It is gross and scary.

You can see the pile of dead wasps to the left of this picture and that wasn't all of them. 
Sunday, was yard work day at our rent house. We decided to change out our mulch for rocks in those beds to make for easier care. It looks great. While Michael did that the kids and I went to visit our favorite people the Eikenberry family. Mason loves to play with those girls and it was nice to get away from the house for the first time all weekend. Boring weekend right.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mason's First Week of School

Mason started a new school this week. I was a little...okay okay A LOT worried about him. He has been home with me and a Nanny since Addison was born. 4 Months! So, needless to say, I have been a nervous wreck all week for him.

The first day, went great with drop off. We dropped baby sister first in her room, which is across a play area from his room. We then went to his room to meet his new teacher and new friends. Mason wasn't very sure at first. I could tell he was going to not let me leave. I talked to the teacher about how he is potty trained, and how he has allergies. I was (still am) worried, because Mason is the ONLY kid in his new classroom that is 100% trained. I want him to stayed potty trained, and was worried if he was the only kid who had to stop playing to go potty that he would want the diaper back. We are going skiing in January with Mason and he has to be trained to go to ski school, so of course, he needs to stayed trained.

The assistant teacher we met in the morning. I felt like she was a dud. Not super friendly or happy. I wanted her to be excited and try and get Mason to go play with the toys or distract him so I could leave. Nothing. DUD!!! Oh well, she is only there this week. I will say the lead teacher, who I met in the afternoon, was wonderful!! Mason had a rough afternoon the first day. He was homesick. Wanted his Mama and apparently cried. The teacher told me all this and then Mason told me how he cried. Break a Mama's heart. His teacher said that they went and checked on his sister and that made him happier and she promised him if he played and didn't cry they would go back and see sister again. Thank goodness for this great teacher, who is also a parent, so she knows.

The second day was a lot rougher. Michael did the drop off Tuesday and Mason cried. DUD teacher was there and Michael called me after and said she definitely isn't the friendliest. I was like THANK YOU. I am not the only one who felt that way. I think once she is gone that Mason will begin to love school again. He asked where Michelle was, his nanny. Poor baby. There is a teacher from Mason's old school at the new school and when she came into his room on the second day I could tell it made him a lot happier. We have cameras at this new school and I am guilty of watching a lot during the day. His best friend is in his classroom and that helps too. They take care of each other.

Update on Addison's classroom: We LOVE LOVE LOVE, Addison's teachers. They are amazing. Addison gets lots of attention from, not only her teachers, but everyone in the place. It is totally the hair. Addison seems to enjoy everyone and gives them lots of smiles. Her teachers are probably my parents age and have grandchildren of their own, so who wouldn't love a grandma loving on them.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Addison Week 15 & 16

Want a smiley baby...just talk to her. 
I hope she keeps her dimples. Mason had them too, but as he grew so did those cheeks. 

I had to snap this the other morning. Addison and Michael are sleeping in the same position and Mason sleeps like that too, but he was up for the day getting to watch Super WHY!

She thinks I am hilarious...for now. 

This is her serious face. Why you always taking pictures of me Mama?
Isn't she the sweetest sleeper ever? 

Addison is ready for Razorback Football season to begin and she is happy about it. 

At school they had crazy hair day and of course Miss Priss has some crazy hair. All I did was brush it straight up after bath. 

Friday, August 14, 2015


Have you ever had Pink Eye? It sucks!! I got it this week. Randomly. On Wednesday morning, I woke up with a sore throat and my eyes were itchy. I thought it was allergies. I mowed the grass the day before and just assumed it was from that.

By about lunchtime, I noticed my eye was red and still itchy. Then it felt like something was in my eye. Now anything having to do with my eyes makes me a big baby. I cannot touch my eye or put drops in my own eye. It was hurting so bad I was desparately looking for the eyedrops. I called Michael pretty frantic asking where they were, because of course they were not where they should be. I finally got some drops into my eyes and received a little relief. But as the day progressed it got worse and worse. Swelling started, green gunk started, and the need to close my eye, well that was all I wanted to do. By the time it got to the point where I knew something was really wrong with my eye and thought I might have pinkeye, my doctor's office was closed. GRRR. I had some medicine from when I thought Addison might have it, turns out it probably was pinkeye for her too, and tried it on my eye. I think it might have made things worse. My yesterday morning my eye was so swollen that I called the doctor first thing and got in to see them. Confirmation...PINKEYE!!! BOO!!! But I did get some drops for my eyes, awesome! And I am already seeing a little improvement. YAY! If you don't like all things yuck, stop reading or looking, because I am going to share a few pictures.

Please pray that the rest of my family doesn't get pinkeye, but just in case my wonderful doctor gave me refills on the drops. I guess I won't be going out in public anytime soon for fear of scaring young children.

Right After Mason woke up from a nap.

Red but not yet swollen. Ignore the messy Mom hair and no makeup.

Yesterday morning. This was improvement from waking with my eye almost swollen shut. 

Yesterday afternoon, after a visit to the doctor.

This morning. Looking better. Less swollen and definitely less red than last night. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


We have been talking about getting a bike for awhile now. Michael really wanted a road bike. I wanted a cruiser. Mason really wants a bike now too, as you can tell from his whiny video. He wants everything right now and everything can be done by himself!!

This past weekend, while Michael was in Denver he purchased a road bike. He went to two bike shops and during the second he just did it. I heard about it later, and I know he is very excited to get it in and start riding. Where we live there is a great trail called the Razorback Greenway and it is awesome. He has been wanting to ride on it for awhile, but we didn't have the equipment.

We have some friends from Chicago who own a bike tour place in Chicago and in Little Rock. I knew that every year they sell off all their old bikes and get new ones. I was about to message them about the Little Rock location and when they would be doing the sale so I could get a cruiser and the same day the Little Rock location posted on Facebook about the sale. When I say sale, we are talking rock bottom prices. Check out their website Bobby's Bike Hike Little Rock, if you need a bike. SO, on Saturday I purchased a cruiser and a trailer for the kids. Maybe I should say I purchased 2 cruisers. One for Michael and one for Me. Why? If you know anything about bikes then you probably understand, but for those like me. A road bike is most comfortable at about 14mph and a cruiser at 8mph. Michael apparently would not have been happy on his road bike with us and the kids. We now have our family riding bikes and he has his bike for exercise and such.

Look out world here we come. Sperry Family riding come down a street near you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekend Review

This last weekend, we headed to my parents house. The plan was to go on to the lake, which is south of my parents house. I took off Friday, went shopping at the Gap's friends and family sale and stocked up on clothes for the kids. I think Mason and Addison could definitely be little Gap models. After my shopping spree, I packed up the car and loaded up the kids to head to Fort Smith. Mason really loves hanging out with his Nana and Papaw, and with Michael out of town, it was the best option to have some extra hands. Once, we were all together at my parent's house we started to discuss the unbearable heatwave we are having...aka summer in the south. We decided that it would be easier just to stay at their house. If we went to the lake, we couldn't do very much and going out on the boat would be minimal with timing naps. So, we hang out in the good ole fort. 

My Mom had gone out and gotten Mason a present. You know she is living up being a Grandparent and spoiling her grand-babies to pieces. Mason loves fishing, so she got him a numbers game involving fishing poles. She also got him his own real fishing pole for the lake, so we don't have to bring ours down each time. Mason loved the game, but really giving a little boy a rod is a bad idea all around. It becomes a bat, stick, golf club, sword, etc. And they use it to hit everything in the house, including the puppies.  
 Mason was a good brother and shared the second pole with his sister. He kept saying this one is sister's fishing pole. Papaw helped her hold it and play.
 I love having the extra help, because it allows me to love on both my babies more and not worry about who is crying or hungry or needs a potty break.
 My Mom's dog is super jealous. If you are holding Addison, she is right there in your face. She normally tries to climb down into your lap too...just push that baby aside.
 One night, my parent's took Mason to get food and it was just Addison and I in the peace and quiet of the house. Quiet is not something we get unless brother is asleep. He is completely my child and is LOUD LOUD LOUD. Oops.
 Addison is such a smiley baby. We went to Dillards while we were there looking for a Christening gown and she just smiles at everyone. And we get stopped a lot by people to say hi to her. I am not sure if it is her hair or her blue eyes or that smile, but we get stopped A LOT.
 We are drooling like crazy. I am afraid little miss is cutting her first tooth. She is chewing on her fingers and the drool. I am hoping it is a tooth, but I am not ready for it. Her brother cut his first at 4 months and we are only a week and a half away from that, so who knows.
 Papaw loves his granddaughter. I was the only girl on my Dad's side of the family and I was very close to my Grandpa. I see how my Dad is with her and how he feels about her and it brings me closer to knowing how that relationship was with my own grandfather. Soon he will be telling her that she is his favorite granddaughter.
 Can't leave out Gabby. Gabby loves my parents house, too. They have lots of trees and back up to the woods, so she spends most of her time chasing squirrels and rabbits. One of these days she is going to get one for sure.

Relaxing with her Papaw. 
 Me and my boy. Early morning giggles happening here. Notice my Mom's dog is in almost every picture.

I just love her eyelashes. Can I have them? She did NOT get those from me.  
 Another new toy. This one Nana got when we went to the mall. Addison would just laugh and smile at it, so I knew it was going to be coming home with us.
 Happy girl. She also wants to sit up all of the time.
 Red face boy. He was running around outside with Papaw. This is in Papaw's shop. Papaw made Mason a golf club his size by cutting down an old club. Mason was super excited. Ignore the no pants or shoes. It was 100 degrees outside. Less is more and we live in the south. Shoes are always optional.
 Love this little face. He is so proud of himself for golfing. I think he is already better than his Daddy. Sign this boy up for lessons he will be the next Bubba Watson.

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