Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Arkansas Weekend

Last weekend, Michael and I drove town to good ole Arkansas. We left after work on Thursday and drove until we got to his mother's house. Both of us had separate plans for the weekend. Michael had his friend Mark's wedding in Rogers and I had my cousin's baby shower.

Friday I went to Rick's Bakery in Fayetteville and picked this wonderful cake. I love their cakes. They always do a great job with the decorations, plus they never disappoint in taste. I was a little concerned about driving all the way to Fort Smith without hurting the cake and was successful. When I got home I spent the next several hours driving around town taking care of business.

The shower was on Saturday. My cousin's best friend Linsey and I hosted the party at Linsey's new house. It was an adorable house and a perfect location for the party. We had lots of food and decorations. The amount of people that showed up was perfect, not too many or too few. Kelly got tons of wonderful presents or I should say baby girl got tons of presents. This new little baby is going to be very spoiled. I am sad that I will not be around when she is born. Here are some photos from the party.
Food and Gift Tables

My Favorite outfit!

Saturday night I went back up to Fayetteville to hang out with some friends, that I had not seen in quite awhile. Megan and I stayed the night at the Inn at Carnall Hall. It was very nice. It reminded me of living in the dorms, but in a good way. First we all went to dinner at Common Grounds, then went back to the hotel to get dressed up. Thanks to Kim my hair was curly. After being all girlie we went to Dickson, and of course to OTR. Dickson had changed so much since the last time I was down there. They have added three or four new bars, and of course we tried to check out each and every one. The girls and I had a lot of fun and it was really good to hang out with Meg.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Birthday is coming...

My birthday is coming up soon. I have been thinking a lot about different ideas. I have, for a long time, wanted to work on my photography skills. I would love to do portraits, but mostly I would love to do more scenic photos.

Michael and I have been shopping around for different camera choices and I have finally made my decision. We went to this small shop, it reminded me a lot of Bedford's in Arkansas. The camera below is the one I am going to get. One good thing about buying from a smaller store is that they offered other bonuses. We get to attend photography classes and we will get a new printer.

Nikon D90

I am excited about getting to start using my new camera. Look ahead to see new photos taken with the new camera.

We have also decided to go to Riviera Maya for Michael's brother's wedding. We will be going at the beginning of May. I am very excited about going to the beach and plus I really could use a vacation. We will be staying at Secrets Maroma Beach Resorts. Maybe I will get to use my new camera and get some good beach shots.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend in Arkansas

I went to Arkansas on Friday. The main purpose for my weekend trip was to see my cousin get married in Little Rock. I got in Friday night too late to enjoy anything. Saturday was the day of the wedding. The wedding was my oldest cousin on my Dad's side of the family. My parents, brother and I drove to Little Rock in the afternoon. Apparently the snow decided it wanted to follow me where ever I went this weekend. The wedding was very nice and small. They had the ceremony in a little Bed and Breakfast near the capitol. The reception was held in the old train station. It was nice to see everyone on my Dad's side of the family. We got some great family photos. My great-aunt Helen, who is 85 years old, even made it up from Gould. I haven't seen her in several years.
Mallard Blood
The whole Mallard group

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