Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mason-Week 10

Today Mason is 11 weeks old.  Looking back over the pictures in the past few weeks, he has grown so much.  It is hard to believe he is almost 3 months old.  3 MONTHS!!!  Lets look back over week 10. 
Mason had a big week 10.  He got baptized in the church Michael and I got married and the church that I grew up in.  It was wonderful to share with my church family the baptism of my baby.  I heard a lot that I am not old enough to have a baby.  Everyone still thinks of me as a baby, but I am almost 29, so now a baby anymore.  Some of the kids I used to babysit for are almost in college or are in college.  They are taller than me.  It makes me feel old to see them so big, but I can only imagine how their parents feel seeing me with a baby myself. 
Mason did such a good job.  I was a little worried he would cry the whole time, but not a peep.  He slept through church completely.  The times he was awake, he was wide eyed and just looked around.  So much new stuff to see.  He loves music.  When he gets really upset, I always play music for him and he calms down very fast.  He must have loved the music at church. 
Michael and Mason in his outfit.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2104.NEFSomeone was ready for a nap before church.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2106.NEFMason_Allen_03_24_2013_2113.NEFSo exciting.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2116.NEFMason_Allen_03_24_2013_2117.NEFMommy getting him good and calm.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2120.NEFNot even bothered by the water.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2124.NEFWondering what just happened.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2127.NEFMason_Allen_03_24_2013_2130.NEFGetting walked around the church.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2134.NEFMason is checking out all the people.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2138.NEF
Mason also got to meet one of his cousins.  She is his second cousin.  They are three years apart.  She isn’t a huge baby lover.  Some little girls would just die to play and hold a baby.  She was a little afraid.  We let her hold him and feed him.  She was so adorable.
Mason_Allen_03_23_2013_2087.NEFShe looks a little bored here.Mason_Allen_03_23_2013_2090.NEFMason_Allen_03_23_2013_2098.NEF
Other pictures from week 10…
Mason and his girlfriend Hattie are 5lbs, 5inches, and 8 months apart.IMG_1686Caught in the act of sucking his thumb.IMG_1692Such a morning person. IMG_1696Fitting into 3-6 Month clothing.IMG_1698Trying out the highchair.IMG_1700Mason’s room is finally complete. I will post pictures of the whole room soon.IMG_1702

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 9

Mason is just becoming more and more alert.  He watches us and listens to us and is just such a joy to be around.  Just one smile from him and my day is made.  He really likes it when we play music.  He especially likes Bob Marley.  I think Michael is definitely pushing that onto Mason, but it does calm him down. 

We have just recently started going from 8:30PM-6:00AM without eating.  This is good news for my sleep schedule.  I need the extra sleep for work.  I have started back to work yesterday and we have a nanny coming to the house for the next two months.  The daycare we are planning to send Mason didn’t have any openings until June.  This works out better for me.  I would prefer to have him at the house with me, so I can go kiss on him when I miss his face.  Hopefully now that I am not spending every waking second with him, I won’t spend my evenings and weekends just holding him tight. 

On Sunday, Mason got to meet his Great grandmother and grandfather.  I can’t wait for him to meet his Great Great Grandmother.  Yes he has a Great Great Grandmother still kicking it.  These loving family members belong to Michael.  Mason_Allen_03_17_2013_2081.NEF

I mentioned Mason likes music.  Last week, his Daddy was listening to Tom Petty, Mary Jane’s Last Dance song.  Mason was just kicking and enjoying the song.  Michael was singing it to him.  During these lyrics I snapped this photo oh yeah he is all boy (I wish it had been a video):

“There's pigeons down on Market Square
She's standin' in her underwear
Lookin' down from a hotel room
The nightfall will be comin' soon”

Mason for his first St. Patrick’s Day.Mason_Allen_03_17_2013_2080.NEF

Monday, March 11, 2013

2 Months Old


Mason is getting so big.  2 Months has gone by fast.  It makes me sad to think next week I will be heading back to work.  We have a Nanny setup to come to the house for a few months until Mason starts daycare this summer.  Thank goodness I will still get to spend a little time during the day with my baby. 

We took Mason on Friday to the doctor for his 2 month check up and vaccines.  He did so good with his shots.  He cried when they gave them to him, but the second he was in my arms he stopped crying.  He did great when we first got home, but about 4 hours later Mason had a little meltdown.  His poor little legs were sore from being asleep and then he woke up and moved them.  We cried for probably 30 minutes to an hour.  It just broke both Michael and my heart.  Michael actually was so worried for him to move his legs again that he slept with Mason in his arms in the recliner until his 3AM feeding.  After that one meltdown Mason was fine.  He was super smiley the next morning which meant everything was OKAY!


Weight: 11lbs 3oz   Michael and I both guessed 10lbs 4oz…way off! Mason weighed in just under the 50%.  So he is average in his weight. 

Length: 24.25” I knew he was long, but didn’t believe it when they said he was in the 95% in length.  This means he is longer than 95% of kids his age. 

Mason is long and lean.  As the nurse said, I am not sure where he would gets this from. 

Mason this week went to his first Razorback baseball game!  His eyes were so wide while we were there.  He gave me this look like where in the world have you taken me mama.  It was fun and I am sure it won’t be his last game this season.  We only stayed an hour, because it got cold.  Next weekend it is supposed to nice outside, so we will try again. 

Mason and I at the game…see those big eyes!photo (1)Mason before the game was very excited!photo (2)Whenever Mason eats he keeps his hands like this…tight and balled up.Mason_Allen_03_04_2013_2014.NEFMason in his cute Ralph Lauren shirt.Mason_Allen_03_08_2013_2042.NEFMama and Daddy had a St. Patty’s Day party to go to and Mason wore his best PJs to bed in honor of the party since he didn’t get to go.Mason_Allen_03_08_2013_2059.NEFGabby is keeping a close eye on her brother while I get ready.photoMason and I hanging out.Mason_Allen_03_05_2013_2024.NEF

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I love taking pictures just for this reason: to look back at all the memories.  These are from 2006.  The year Michael and I met and started dating.  I can’t believe it will be 7 years this April.  We were just talking about how it doesn’t feel like 7 years.  I guess that is a good thing.  7 years together, 3 years married, and a baby later…WOW!

Me and my bestie at her wedding weekend in Nashville.  Their 7yr anniversary is this month sometime.  I can’t remember what day exactly, but I was there for it.101_0118

Michael with his crazy hair going on a camping trip.103_0327

Michael and I went to St. Louis for a baseball game and concert one summer weekend.        103_0363

Monday, March 4, 2013

6 & 7 Weeks Old

Sorry for the delay.  I decided I needed to do some work last week.  I am still on maternity leave but I wanted to help out on a project, so last week I worked a little.  I also went to visit my parents again.  This is becoming a weekly thing.  It is good because they love spending time with Mason and it is good for me because my Mom is usually home from work at 3:00ish and I get some relief. 

This week we go for Mason’s first real doctor’s appointment.  The one where he gets shots.  I am actually very excited to find out how much he weighs.  Michael and I have weighed him with us and according to our scale he is 10.5 lbs.  I am sure he is closer to 10lbs.  I can measure him and he is measuring 24”.  Now there is a good chance for human error so we should say he is actually 23”.  Either way the boy is getting so big.  He is now wearing a size 1 diaper even though we are using cloth diapers.  He is officially out of his newborn clothes and into 3 month clothes.  I feel like overnight he out grew his clothes especially in the length.  He is a little skinny belly, but his little legs couldn’t straighten out in the footed pajamas. 

Mason is now sleeping in his own bed.  He wakes up only once in the middle of the night to eat.  He usually sleeps for 5 hours or more at a time at night.  This is wonderful.  Before we put him in his bed he woke between 3AM & 4AM.  Now he is waking up between 1AM & 2AM.  I should add he has also been going to sleep a little earlier.  He has been fairly easy to put down at night.  Most of the time he is a little awake when I put him in bed and he stirs until he finally goes to sleep. 

The best moment of the past weeks has been his smiles.  He now will give both of us a big smile and it isn’t a gas smile.  He is the extra smiley in the mornings after he wakes up.  I love letting him lay on his changer and talk to me and smile.  I think Michael was the happiest Daddy in the world when Mason gave him his first real smile.  Check out how big he is getting.

IMG_1534Working on holding up that head.IMG_1538IMG_1558Smiley Boy!IMG_1569Playtime.IMG_1584Alien Robot day.IMG_1599Hanging out with Mommy in our PJs.Mason_Allen_02_20_2013_1982.NEFMason was trying really hard to look at Gabby.Mason_Allen_02_20_2013_1984.NEFGetting so big.Mason_Allen_03_01_2013_2000.NEFWho doesn’t just love this sad face.  This was right after he was being extra smiley and laughing at his Daddy for whistling.Mason_Allen_03_03_2013_2007.NEF

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