Friday, June 27, 2014

Linking Up and Confessing

First can we get a TGIF!!! I am so ready for the weekend.

  • When the hubby is away I can’t sleep, I get bored and I drive everyone I know crazy. Who wants to come hang out? Who wants to talk on the phone? I need to enjoy the peace and quiet and instead I go crazy. Every little noise is someone breaking into the house. Freaks me out. Mason is totally going to be sleeping with me.
  • I actually got mad because the hubby took the gun safe keys. I mean how is a girl to protect herself from the imaginary burglars when I have no way to shoot them. I just walked everywhere with my phone.
  • I am planning a few projects for the weekend. I might put together or start putting together Mason’s new play set!! It says that it would take 2 adults 20-24 hours to put together. Since I am 1/2 an adult, we should just plan 36 hours. And I mean that more because I am not 6’ tall and muscular. This girl loves a power drill. I am super excited. 20140627_095413
  • I am itching to paint a few rooms in our house. Our media room is on the top of the list, but I want to paint our guest bathroom and laundry room. Plus Sherwin Williams is having a paint sale, so they are calling my name LOUDLY!
  • I took a picture of Mason’s booty last night because it looked worse. Open wound, red and raw…I was freaking out. I sent the picture to Michael to get his opinion. Then I proceeded to have a panic attack. You know nothing is private when sent over the towers. I covered him in the picture, but I started having anxiety about what if someone else got ahold of that picture. Thank goodness for my bestie on the phone who told me I was being like her! She panics over every.little.thing.
  • My puppy dog is the best little getting gray girl ever! I don’t say it enough, but we are so lucky to have her. 20140624_132352

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hard Week But…

We have had a hard week here at our house. Poor baby Mason is cutting his top two 2 year molars. Yup that’s right 2 year molars at 17 months. So what does that mean? It means we have been dealing with diarrhea since last Friday. All weekend, several times a day my poor poopy baby. It was bad until Monday.

Here is my rant. He went to school Monday, his little booty was still in tact. I get a call from them at 4:00 saying he had 4 loose stools. I had already called the doctor and she confirmed it was most likely from teeth. No fever…no other symptoms. Eating great…drinking great. They said his booty was hurting so I went to pick him up. I wish I could share what his little bottom looked like. My kiddo was walking around like he rode a horse for days. He wouldn’t sit on his bottom. It looked like a 2nd degree burn. I tried a warm bath, but he screamed. He cried big tears each time I changed his poor diaper. I was a little hacked at school. They have a system for changing diapers. It typically means diapers are  not changed necessarily when they NEED to be. I am sure he sat in poop longer than he should have sat. His bottom didn’t have problems on Saturday or Sunday when I changed him immediately after a poop. I went in Tuesday and said change him every hour. EVERY.SINGLE.HOUR. They have and it finally appears a little better to me this morning.


I can’t stand his little tears from pain. It was killing me. BUT!! Thank goodness for Gabby. I swear she just makes Mason feel so much better. Where ever you see one the other is not far behind. Gabby has to go up each morning to see Mason. I think the second Mason is in a big boy bed that Gabby will be sleeping with him.


Also, on a positive note. I asked Mason Sunday if he had to go poopoo and he told me yes. And HE DID IT!!! I think this is a huge step for future potty training. He is still a little young to start, but fortunately we can start having that conversation!! We went to the doctor Wednesday and found out he is 34” Tall. WOW! People kept telling me he looked like he grew in a week, but it is harder to tell now.  He went from 32.75” at 15 months to 34” at 17 months.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Younique 3D Lashes

Okay y’all! I am not one who normally promotes any products on this blog, but there is a first time for everything. I have been using this mascara for two weeks and I LOVE it! Why might you ask? After I had Mason, and really probably prior, I lost my lashes. They look shorter and I am sure along with my hair several fell out. My lashes even in good mascara looked BLAH. I can’t live in the world of fake lashes. Plus fake lashes damage your regular lashes. So, after seeing a few people use the 3D lashes I decided to give it a try.

The top picture is me with just regular mascara and the bottom is with the 3D lashes. PhotoGrid_1402602496213 

Now, let me tell you. I have been using it two weeks before I decided to throw a virtual party. I wanted to ensure after using it and removing it that it would still be just as good. I have no problem removing the mascara. I use a makeup remover towelette to take off my makeup and it comes off so easily. What is it? Green tea leaves. Natural…green tea leaves. And I do not have fibers showing up on my cheeks all day. I followed the directions to a tee and it works. All the products are natural and now I am trying more and more. I really like this stuff. The craziest part. I am not a huge makeup lover. I wear it but not all the time. If I leave the house and all I have on is a little mascara I am happy. So there is my 2 cents for the day.  

It is $29 and according to the website it will last 2 months if used daily.

Check out my Younique Virtual Party HERE to get your longer lashes.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summertime Weekend

We spent the entire weekend soaking up the vitamin D. It was great! Michael’s cousin, Lindsey, is in town from Australia for a few months and we are spending lots of quality time with her. Mason just loves her. I mean seriously LOVES her. On Sunday morning, he went over to the bedroom she was sleeping in and knocked on the door. He was just letting her know he was up and ready to play.

She is planning to work with Mason on swimming. I am hoping this next weekend. I want her to be able to have several days straight to work with him and Mommy will hang out inside and do laundry or something. When the parent is there I think kids and parents tend to worry more. Mason is great at swimming with the vest and jumping in the pool. He is getting better at holding his breath and spitting out water when it gets into his mouth. But he absolutely hates being on his back. Our goal this summer is to get him to learn to float. Next summer we will work on real swimming, without a floaty. 20140621_160304We were filling the pool up with some water and Mason grabbed the hose and had 20 minutes of serious entertainment. Got to love kids and what makes them happy. 20140621_160308Mason and Gabby are worn out from swimming. Lets talk about how wonderful Mason’s three hour naps daily have been. He is growing and cutting teeth and swimming. It equals very long naps. IMG-20140621-00091

Mason has no fear of the water. It is good and scary. Thank goodness for good life jackets. It is fun to see both my kids enjoy swimming soooo much. Gabby does laps all day. It is fun to sit outside at lunch and just watch her sun bathe.
Mason…No Fear!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Swimming

My kiddo LOVES the pool. Doesn’t have to be our pool, can be any body of water or standing water. And that includes the toilet. He is starting to get very brave about the pool, especially when he is wearing his lifejacket. On Tuesday, Mason and Michael had haircut appointments and so we headed over to have pool time and dinner time with friends. It was fun. I wish we could do it more often.  PeerbolteWedding_06_17_2014_5048.NEFToys! This kid always has a ball in one hand. Makes me laugh. PeerbolteWedding_06_17_2014_5050.NEFCheck out our goddaughters curls!! I love them. I asked her if she would come live at my house with me and Mason so I can play with those curls all the time. She said yes then gave me a big hug and kiss! Love her! She later asked if Mommy and Daddy could come too. PeerbolteWedding_06_17_2014_5054Sisters! They love each other, most of the time. They have a special bond. PeerbolteWedding_06_17_2014_5057.NEF

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Fun

I will share a few photos from the wedding weekend. I have to be discrete because we had a lingerie shower and nail party and get hair and makeup done party. I mean we partied the whole weekend away.

First, let me share the awesome way the bride asked all her bridesmaids to be…well bridesmaids. I got this in the mail and I just about died. So fun so honored. I am pretty sure I was letting her know in minutes how excited I was. She even gave a little bio on each of the maids. Mine said…”Lake buddy and Tim’s “Date” at Dinner in the Vineyards. She’s the extrovert to my introvert. Most likely take lots of pictures.” Yes and Yes. How fun! It is all true. PeerbolteWedding_06_18_2014_5062

We had the lingerie shower after the rehearsal dinner Friday night. It was a lot of fun. We drank, we opened presents and we had girl talk. I learned things I just did not need to know (haha) but I had a blast. Since, it was after the dinner, I knew we just needed two things. Cookies/sweets and wine! Lots and lots of wine!PeerbolteWedding_06_13_2014_5021Did I mention we all changed into our yoga pants and got comfy? This is the only picture I will share of the bride at the party. No need for the world to know what the bride will be wearing for her husband. PeerbolteWedding_06_13_2014_5023.NEFThe morning of the wedding, I think most of us girls were a little sleepy from our party the night before. We were up and ready for hair at 9AM! Here is the bride getting her hair did. This is after her makeup was on. PeerbolteWedding_06_14_2014_5031Pretty Pretty Bride.PeerbolteWedding_06_14_2014_5032.NEFMore cookies. I mean who doesn’t love a good sugar cookie. I know we all did. PeerbolteWedding_06_14_2014_5034.NEFHer dress was GORGEOUS!!! I loved it. I think the groom did too. PeerbolteWedding_06_14_2014_5035.NEFWho doesn’t love them some Badgley Mischka shoes?!PeerbolteWedding_06_14_2014_5038.NEFThe last picture I snapped with the camera, is the bride opening a gift from all of us. PeerbolteWedding_06_14_2014_5040

While we were waiting for the wedding to start and actually we were ahead of schedule the entire time, we played apples to apples. We needed a little distraction. I think the bride was nervous to see her man. Idle sitting was not helping. I cannot wait to see the pictures from the photographer!! I am sure they are AWESOME!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend in Review

Man this weekend was a whirlwind of fun! My weekend started Thursday night. I was in a wedding this weekend and Thursday some of the girls went to get mani/pedis. I took off work on Friday and spent the day with Mason and my Dad. It was actually a lot of fun. We took Mason to the park and he would slide and swing. He was also really into watching the other kids play and trying to do what they did. Mason and I went home and took a long afternoon nap together. It was amazing. I needed the nap and so did Mason.

My Dad read stories to Mason to help out on Thursday so I could get some work done. 20140612_152351Swinging at the park. Always has his mouth open while swinging. 20140613_085524On Saturday, we had the wedding!! It was sooooooo much fun. Here is the only shot of the bride from my phone. I have some pictures I will share later, but this is pre-wedding waiting. I have to say my favorite part of the wedding was watching Mason at the reception stalk Cara. I mean the boy followed her around for a good hour. I think he thought she was a princess, even though he doesn’t know what that is, and I think he really loved her shoes. He kept pointing to her shoes and then would tap his shoe to show her his shoes and once tried to take his off as if to say lets trade. More on the wedding later…stay tuned. It was a good one.20140614_165216Sunday, we went back home. I think all of us were exhausted and it was raining so we had family snuggles. Since it was Father’s Day we had plans to go to the Natural’s baseball game at night. Mason took a three hour nap and was in a great mood. GREAT! Prior to leaving to go to the game he really wanted to swim. The pool was actually cool but we let him swim around for a bit. IMG_20140615_134339The whole family went to the game. My family and Michael’s family. Here is a shot of Mason and his cousin. I am guessing they are telling secrets. More like she is telling Mason what to do. He mimics her whenever they are together. He truly loves her.20140615_191159Here is Mason and his Papaw. He just loves his Nana and Papaw and I was so glad to spend most of the weekend with them. Mason obviously was enjoying it too. 20140615_200642Cousin Lindsey is in town for a visit too! Mason is loving having her in person and not just on Skype. 20140615_201053And of course for Father’s Day 2014, we have to have a picture of both of my boys together. Look at those smiles!!! When I look at this picture it just feels me with such joy. Mason truly has a special relationship with his Daddy. Plus they both LOVE baseball.20140615_201453

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mason 17 Months


Weight: Last time I weighed him he was 26.5lbs, but I am pretty sure that has increased at this point…not by much though.

Height: We go next month for a check up and I will be intrigued to see if he is taller.

Eats: Mason loves fruit. Really all fruit. Not my child. I hate fruit. And he doesn’t really care for sweets. Definitely not my child. If I am eating cake or brownie or cookie, he wants a bite, but a bite is all he really cares about.

What he is enjoying: Mason is loving the pool and being outside. He throws a fit every.single.time we go inside the house. He begs and says OUTSIDE OUTSIDE and stand at the backdoor. We are trying to find a swingset with slide for him.

Teeth: 14 teeth total. We have officially gotten the top canine teeth. Those teeth have been the worst ones to come in so far. Is it too soon for the 2 year molars to start coming in? My baby has been chewing far back and been not so happy about life.

Talking: Our little man is starting to say sentences. He told me I get it the other day in reference to going to get Gabby’s toy that we threw for her. I asked him the other day if I hurt his feelings and he said I hurt. He is repeating everything. He will tell you to sit and it is so cute. Random words he has learned…Octopus, Walrus.

What’s new this month? My new favorite thing Mason has been doing is taking my hand (or anyone's) and taking them to what he wants or where he wants to go. He grunts and makes noise that he is telling you to hurry up. He is also getting good at knowing yes and no and using it in the right way. If you ask him if he wants milk he says yes and shakes his head and then will take me to the fridge. He is starting to get pooping in the diaper. I can ask him and he will say yes and sometimes he will back his booty up for me to check.

Snuggle time doesn’t happen very often. He was sleepy here. 20140608_110945[1]

Now to share a funny video. I caught a frog in the yard to show Mason and I thought he would love it. No way. My kiddo was afraid of it and DID NOT like me touching it. I tried to get him to hold it but he would not. He also would jump when the frog jumped.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Wedding Week!!!

Wedding Week

I am so very excited and happy for my dear friend Tim!! As he informed me a few weeks ago we have known each other for 20 years. 20 YEARS!!!! He is very lucky to be marrying a wonderful woman. We are going to have such a fun week of activities. I am lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in the wedding and we are planning a load of fun starting Thursday night! I cannot wait to see everything and to PARTAY!

Friday, June 6, 2014

What a difference a year makes?

Mason 5_131

Left is 2014 and Right is 2013. He is now my big boy! I feel like he still has these cheeks, but when I look at this comparison I realize last year those cheeks…WOW! I want to eat those big cheeks! He looks like such a big kid now. *tear*

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

2010-wedding dayDSC_8355

To my best friend:

We have been married for 4 years now, and together 8 years. It feels like 20 years ago that we met and started dating. You continue to make my dreams come true. You make me laugh and smile and know when to put me in check. You are my support system and you keep me from going insane. There is no one in the world I would rather have standing by my side. The best father for Mason. You take care of Mason when I am gone and never complain or get upset with my need to have a career. You play the role of mama and dada. Maybe that’s why Mason calls you mama sometimes.

We have so many great memories thus far in our life. I cannot wait to see the world and explore more of life with you. I have been very lucky and I truly think it is all because of you. You will continue to be the most important person in my life. I cannot wait to celebrate with on our date this weekend. It will be wonderful!

2011 at the LakeFather'sDay_06-18-11_1947.NEF

2012-expanding our familyDSC_8014

2013-the birth of our first child.Mason_Allen_01_08_2013_1694.NEF

2014-our happy smiling family.Sperry family

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day

The last few days have been a blur. I was traveling for work on Monday and Tuesday. I had a planes, trains, and automobiles kind of few days. I woke up Monday at 4am and flew to Indianapolis. I had a late afternoon presentation there and then I had to drive, because there were no flights out, with a colleague to Madison, Wisconsin. Tuesday was another presentation and a flight home. I arrived back to the house at about 9pm last night. It was crazy, but all good. I am so glad to be back home…until the next trip.

So, lets recap on Memorial Day. I got my camera back from our friends and uploaded my pictures. I am so excited. I got some great shots of Mason and love the memories we made spending time with the family.

Mason dressed to go out in the boat. Post sun screen application. I love his little skull swim trunks. The trunks that match his shirt do not fit. We have to squeeze his fat feet into those speedo water shoes. MemorialDay_05_25_2014_5006.NEFRiding on the boat. This is right after we got to our lunch spot. The boat would start moving and Mason would fall asleep every.single.time.MemorialDay_05_25_2014_5007Papaw does not let just anyone drive his boat. Apparently Mason is making the short list.MemorialDay_05_25_2014_5012.NEFOkay, so Papaw said do not ever let go of the steering wheel while the boat is in motion…and to go fast I use this thing. MemorialDay_05_25_2014_5014.NEFI think he is getting the hang of driving. Is there an age limit?MemorialDay_05_25_2014_5016.NEFFrom this picture, you would not know they are 9 months apart. She is older. We celebrated this sweeties birthday and Mason drove her around on her new toy. It is pictures like this that make me want to freeze time. Boyfriend/girlfriend. I will allow it.MemorialDay_05_26_2014_5017.NEF

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