Tuesday, September 30, 2014

St. Thomas Vacation Part 1

Last week we had a little babymoon. It is probably the one and only big trip we are going to take before we have another bundle of joy in our life. We were very lucky when our neighbors offered up their timeshare. What What!! I don’t think I could thank them enough. It was just what we needed. We decided to go to St. Thomas. It is where we went on our honeymoon 4.5 years ago. We knew we would like the location, and the last time we were there, we really didn’t do a whole heck of a lot. Perfect. We knew when we booked it we would want to do a lot. Well, then I got pregnant and that added a little bump into the mix. One plan was to go fishing…best Marlin fishing in the world! Okay, maybe not the world, but it is one of the few places you can catch multiple forms of Marlin. When pregnant you aren’t supposed to lift a lot of weight. Reeling in a 300+lbs. fish…probably frowned upon. So we decided to snorkel…A LOT!

The first day was really a lay on the hotel beach and relax kind of day. Our beach has a reef with some good snorkeling. The boys snorkeled and the girls laid out and relaxed. Oh did I not mention some friends came too. Michael’s friend and his girlfriend actually came with us. It was good for those boys to have snorkel buddies. The beach this time didn’t have any sharks, so I got in the water too. Check our our beautiful beach. 20140921_135349St_01.Thomas_09_21_2014_5486.NEF

20140923_140026We woke up to a wonderful rainbow on our second day and decided to adventure to a local snorkeling hole called Coki Beach…aka Weed Beach. St_08.Thomas_09_22_2014_5493.NEFMy crab friend. He was watching me. This beach had wonderful snorkeling. We saw lots of fish and a sting ray. Everyone on the beach was high. Considering the beach didn’t really have a lot of people on it, besides us, it was all workers. We had one guy who dropped off his snorkel mask and asked us to watch it. Later he came back by and said hey that’s my mask…we reminded him that he asked us to watch it. Oh yeah, thanks for that. I was a little worried to order a drink on this beach, I was afraid they wouldn’t remember to not put alcohol inside. St_11.Thomas_09_22_2014_5496.NEFWe had some storm clouds that rolled in while we were there, but it didn’t start raining until after we left. The boys said they saw the biggest sting ray while at this beach. It was huge, according to them. The water here was very clear. If you can get past the pot smell, mixed with trash, it is a great beach and wonderful snorkel place. Since we were here during the slow season, I am going to guess this place is really bumping during the high season.St_16.Thomas_09_22_2014_5501.NEFBefore we went to Weed Beach, I mean Coki Beach. Michael and I had lunch at Coco Joe’s on the water at the hotel. There are actually two Marriott hotels together the Reef and the Cove. We stayed at the Cove, but that gives us access to the Reef’s beaches and restaurants. It does not go the other way. If you stay at the Reef you cannot go to the Cove. 20140923_111824Later that evening, we ate at Havana Blue. It is on property, so it was an easy place to eat at after a long day of snorkeling. This was the first night I was very disappointed about being pregnant. I LOVE fresh seafood!! LOVE LOVE! When pregnant I still eat fish, but I stick with good fish options like salmon. I have a list I carry on good fish and bad fish. I looked at the menu and instantly realized everything on it was on the bad fish or at least the limit the monthly intake of fish list. I especially love Mahi Mahi and Sea Bass. Both on the menu both are 6 oz. monthly restricted. I didn’t want to start my trip eating fish and not eat anymore, so I ate steak and Michael got snapper. I ate some of his snapper and some of our friends lobster. Yum and Yum. The steak not so great. That’s what I get at a seafood location. St_19.Thomas_09_22_2014_5504.NEFWandering around the property. It is so pretty here. There is crystal clear water everywhere and just wonderful scenery. St_35.Thomas_09_23_2014_5520.NEFSt_37.Thomas_09_23_2014_5522.NEFMorning Star Beach. St_41.Thomas_09_23_2014_5526.NEF

Monday, September 29, 2014

Changes, Changes, Changes

Well, I have been MIA. Why? Well this family in the last months has been going through multiple changes. My hubby is changing companies, and starts his new job next week. We went on vacation without Mason…more on that later this week. And the biggest and most exciting change…BabySperry_09_28_2014_5469.NEF

Mason is the most excited one. He totally doesn’t understand what a brother or sister means, but if you ask him he gets excited. We will continue to build on this over the next months. BabySperry_09_28_2014_5468.NEF

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Already

We have been MIA. I may continue to be MIA next week. I am traveling all next week to my favorite location Birmingham. It just means I am going to corporate. I am looking forward to a week of training with my colleagues.

We have big changes happening in this house and it has been hard to keep up with everything and everyone in our family. This week my brother is home, which I love. It is really hard since he lives in another state to keep up. Mason immediately connected back with him. It took him a few minutes and then he was dragging my brother outside to show off. I told my brother, that sometimes I take for granted our relationship and I appreciate him. He is the chill, laid back brother. I am the hyper active, talkative one. Sometimes being opposite means I get on his nerves, but he just ignores me. No yelling, no fighting, just ignores me. He is always there for me and if I need to vent he listens. He has never called me to scold me or yell at me EVER. That’s the laid back brother. I just realized that I am very lucky to have such a great relationship with my brother. I am very lucky to have the family I have. I think it is very important to remember and thank them for being them from time to time.

Now for the cute picture alert. Mason has been a cheesing mess lately. Being extra cute and extra sweet. Not to mention he has this awful cough that has been waking him up every night at 5AM. Yuck. I am exhausted. We went to the allergist this morning and got some new medicine, so hopefully we will have a great nights sleep tonight. But I will keep looking at this happy wonderful face and it makes it all worth the day.


WOOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!20140830_124626

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