Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Addison 9 Months

Weight: 17lbs 10oz. She is actually down from earlier this month. The doctor didn't seem worried about her weight, which is good, but does make me worried a little. She shot up when we started formula at 5 months, so might just be evening out.

Height: 28 inches. She is long, but not as long as her brother was at 9 months.

Clothes: Addison is still wearing 9 month PJs. 6-12 month clothes. There are some 6 month items that still fit and even a few 12 month items she can wear. I feel like at this age Mason could not fit into 6 month ANYTHING, so it is weird but good too.

Eats: Addison eats great. 4-5 6oz bottles a day. 2-3 table food meals. It depends on her sleep if she gets table foods with us.

Sleeps: She is still going strong on her sleep. 7pm-7am. Weekends 7pm-8am. The girl likes her sleep like her Mama. She also naps 2x a day anywhere from an hour to two hours.

Likes: Loves being on the move. She is crawling and pulling up to everything. She wants to walk so bad. She even lets go and stands on her own a few seconds at a time. She is proud of herself when she is cruising the furniture. She loves her Mama. She is constantly at my feet and using my legs to pull up to a stand. She cries/gets mad when I hand her off to anyone. Loves Loves her Mama.

Dislikes: She really really hates the car. If she doesn't have her paci in the car she cries. She doesn't need the paci except during naps/bedtime and car rides. I hate taking her anywhere that will take longer than 20 minutes unless it is nap time.

Teeth: Nothing. Absolutely no teeth.

What's New: Nothing new really. She is eating lots of yummy table foods. This weekend we tried Avocados and Scrambled Eggs. She loves to feed herself. If I place anything into her mouth it immediately comes out, she looks at it and then usually will put it back in. It is funny.

Here is Mason's update Mason 9 Months

My 3 babies. 
Big Brother helping guide her hand to that Cheerio. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Brother, Eric, 34, Tulsa, OK

I should start this with my brother may kill me, but I don't care. :-)
The one and only picture I think he has ever requested me take.
My brother moved to Tulsa earlier this year or maybe it has been a year. He is an Electrical Engineer with his MBA and lives in Owasso. He is quiet, most of the time, but sometimes I get off the phone with him and realize I didn't say 10 words. He is my big brother. He is a wonderful Uncle, who actually enjoys buying gifts for his niece and nephew more than anyone else.
My brother, me, and our "sister"
Eric is very smart. He needs to find someone who is highly intelligent to challenge his mind. He has moved all over the country and now is enjoying living closer to his family. He needs a family person. He is learning to cook and has really found a new love in cooking good food. He has a great smile, which is a family trait as all of our cousins have the same smile. 

Things he loves: Eric loves to read. He truly enjoys a good book and always is reading something. For awhile, and he may still be making his way through them, he was making his way through all the classic American literature. He doesn't read a lot of new fiction. He really likes good music. Not pop music. Living in Tulsa he has gone to several concerts, and the other day told me he went to a rave. I laughed. Apparently he went to hear the band that was playing. I would say he is more into hard rock or alternative rock over anything else. He loves sports, especially Arkansas Football. He always loves to workout and he loves the outdoors. He lived in Chattanooga and would hike every weekend.

First time he met his niece.

Things that drive him crazy: I can always tell when something bothers my brother. Like me, I talk A LOT, and I know I bug him, but he will never get mad at me. He is very sweet and calm. He likes peace and quiet and he likes things clean. If something he driving him crazy, he usually grabs his most current book and starts reading or he will put in some headphones to listen to music. So, a dirty house bugs him! I have never seen his house messy, but that's because he lives there alone. 

If you are a young, single lady in the Tulsa or NWA area who wants to have fun, but also likes the challenges of a good book and good music. Someone who loves a good board game from time to time, someone who likes to get out and go to a good comedy stand up or concert then Eric might be a good match for you. I will say he likes his privacy too...which might be why he will kill me. The joke my husband and I always have is that he will bring a girl home one day and tell us they are getting married...said girl we will have never met before. 

Also, If you live in Tulsa or know someone who does...Eric could be someone to hang out with and go do fun things with and have a great conversation with. He has lots of friends in Tulsa area and they are always going out to eat, going to a comedy show, or concert. 

Eric has a great sense of humor. He is always making silly faces in pictures, as apparent in the above and below. I think he does it because he hates how many pictures I make him take when we are together. Kids love him. It is always made me laugh. I think it is because he wears glasses or maybe that he speaks to them like they are adults, but kids are always so attracted to him. Mine love him. Mason gets upset if he doesn't give him a hug/kiss bye. 

Now for the kicker! Please take No offense here please: He does not want a girl with kids. He loves kids and kids love him, but as he has said before unless the kids are grown he does not think he would enjoy taking on the Dad role, especially if the Dad is still in the picture. The dynamic is not something he wants to juggle. 

Going to a cod Football game!

Ok ladies go...!! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ski Trip Part 2

Are you ready for picture overload?? Once we arrived in Colorado and played the first day it was so fun trying to get Mason to go to sleep. His excitement for ski school was funny. He wanted to sleep in his ski boot, with his skis, and his helmet. I snapped this photo below of him in his bed with his helmet on. He had climbed out of bed and grabbed it and put it on all by himself. 
I actually was surprised how easy dropping him off the first day was and that was a relief to me. I didn't worry about him at all the first day. His instructor seemed very nice and knowing that Mason was his only kid made it so much easier. Mason pretty much got private lessons the entire time we were there. Go at a slow time and it will probably happen to you too.  
Lunch with my sweetie to get warm.

About to do the bowl.

The top of Paradise. I love this mountain. 
It was a Blue Bird Day!!

After a long day of awesome skiing, I felt great, my knee felt great and the weather was wonderful, we went to check out Mason. Our instructor sent us a text letting us know they were having a snack and then going back out to ski if we wanted to come watch. I was so happy he sent that message to us. Mason did so great. I was seriously impressed with his skills after only a couples hours of skiing. In the Cubs group, they ski an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. They snack, play, sled and do other fun activities with the kids. Mason the first day skied 3 times. 
At the end of each session of skiing they sled back to the ski school inside location. Mason counted down and loved it. I think he might have enjoyed sledding as much as skiing.  
We decided to brave dinner out only 2 nights. Most of the time Mason was exhausted and really was better off staying in and ordering food out. We went to the Secret Stash one evening. It was great. It is a pizza place with lots of specialty pizzas.  

Coloring at dinner.

On the second day skiing, Michael and I went all over the mountain. We were trying to hit every blue on the entire mountain. Towards the end of the day we took a lazy green from one side to the other. It has the best views you can ever find. 

We went back to get Mason and watch him ski. He was so tired this day. His instructor told me they had been out 6 times. Mason kept asking and since he was the only kids, the instructor was game for it. Mason's instructor was so good with him and in the morning when we walked into ski school Mason asked Where is the Guy? He wanted to play with Ian. It was great. 

Showing off his new skills. My kiddo refused to wedge and if he wanted to stop he would hockey slide or parallel ski. 

The last day was hard. It was snowing, which I LOVE!!! But it was cloudy and hard to see where we were going. I hit a few bumps a little too fast and got some air, so after I almost ate it all morning on blues I told Michael I wanted to do some greens. I don't need a third knee surgery.
The third day of ski school was by far the hardest on Mason. His favorite instructor wasn't there, as it was his day off. Mason didn't understand that and he cried and cried and cried. He didn't want us to leave. I figured he would be fine when we left and since it was so hard I told Michael we had to get him early. We headed down the mountain at 2:00 to get him and he was passed out, so Michael and I headed to have a drink before we went back. An hour later, when we arrived he was up and he was crying. Poor baby. He really missed Ian. We took him out to ski with him.
Good Daddy. Mason was exhausted. 3 days of skiing was a lot for him.

After we took our skis back to the rental shop we let him play on the ice. He was refusing to put shoes on his feet and kept saying his feet hurt. If you have ever gone skiing you understand. Everything is sore from the boots.  

The last morning in the mountains. Mason was so excited to go home. He kept saying he wanted to see Nana and Papaw and sissy. Me too bud Me too!
 But before we left we had breakfast and a little game of pool. Future pool shark in the making. 

I snapped this picture in the airport. I had to. It was Mason's first time to ever have a Happy Meal. I cannot believe we made it 3 years before he had one of these. Especially because this Mama loves nuggets and fries. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Ski Trip Part 1

We are baaaaccckkkk! I am so happy to be home with my baby girl, and also so glad we had such a fun trip to Colorado with Mason. I am going to break up our trip to prevent video and photo overload!!

Mason was so excited to ride on an airplane. I knew he would do tears. I was worried since we weren't taking a car seat that he would struggle to stay in his seat. I told him the flight attendants would kick us off the plane and call the police if he didn't wear his seatbelt. It definitely helped. I told him they were the bosses and would tell us what to do. 

Oh to be a kid and be able to sleep anywhere and any position. Our first flight to Dallas was cancelled due to maintenance. I am very disappointed in how American Airlines handled everything for us. I knew I would miss our connection and it was the ONLY flight to Gunnison that day. Before we got off the plane I was on the phone with an Agent. She was the dumbest person I have ever dealt with at AA. First, I wanted us on the next flight to DFW just in case our flight to Gunny was delayed. She said oh I have seats for you, but then told me we had a lap child, which I told her no there are 3 of us with seats. She kept saying it won't let me because you have a lap child. I almost screamed at her in the middle of the airport saying I DON'T HAVE A LAP CHILD I have a 3 yr old! Needless to say we didn't get on that flight and yes our Gunny flight was delayed and we would have made it. Once we were to Dallas, they told me they wouldn't comp our room in a hotel because they could get us to Aspen, which is 48 miles from Crested Butte. I tried to explain to the Agents that it is 48 miles as the crow flies. It is a 5 hour drive. They didn't care. Hey, we can get you in the same state, so therefore we won't pay for your hotel room. GRRRRRR...You better believe I will be calling AA this week to file a complaint. We got on the next flight to Crested Butte for the next morning and we tried our best to make the most out of a bad situation. 

Swimming at the hotel pool. We stayed at the Hyatt at DFW and Mason loved watching all the planes take off and land. We woke up the next morning had breakfast and sat waiting on our flight with everything crossed that it wouldn't be delayed or cancelled or anything. Mason was so good. We ran up and down the terminal and then he wanted a movie. I knew he would sleep on the next flight, so I was okay with a little terminal movie watching. 

Out cold on the flight. I brought my blanket scarf on the plane. I thought it would keep me warm and I could always use it as a blanket for Mason if he slept. 

We MADE IT!!! Mason was so excited to ride in the "school bus" up to the mountain.

I am 3 and it is my birthday trip!!!

We got to Colorado at 2:00pm and went to get our skis. Mason was so excited he didn't want to let them out of his sight. The guy who helped us said he had never seen a kid his age so excited to ski. Well, we have been telling him about it for 6 months now. After we all got our skis, we took Mason skiing. Really we pushed him and he rode his skis. We were checking out where we were going the next morning. 

Beautiful Banana Peak on the Blue Bird Day

We then took Mason tubing. He made me laugh so hard. He kept saying LOOK AT ME MOM!!! We bought a ticket with unlimited rides down the hill and Mason would jump out and say again again and up the magic carpet he went. We didn't ride with him, he did it all alone. I will say that the first time Michael let him go I thought, this could be a parenting fail right here. Letting your 3yr old ride in a tube alone without a helmet or anything. He did great and his smile said it all. 

Video of Mason Tubing.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Mason Turns 3

Oh Lordy! Where has the time gone. My baby is getting so big. Mason is such a hyper, fun loving little boy. His energy level sometimes is intense. But he is always excited about life and I love that. I realize a lot of the time that he has my personality, which means I am probably up for years of us butting heads.

He was my teeny tiny little bug. 

Then he turn 1...and I cried. 

Then he turn 2...and I realized my hands were going to be as FULL as my heart!!

He is probably the sweetest boy. He tells us he loves us and those are the sweetest words in the world to hear from your child. He says some of the funniest things. Like the other day, Michael finished his dinner and Mason wanted to go play. He said, "Daddy you finish your food." Michael said, "yeah." Mason, "Good job Daddy High Five" "Lets go play." We obviously do lots of praise for eating. 

He also was caught pointing to all of his cousins saying "You're my best Friend" "You're my best Friend" etc. ADORABLE!!! He tells us all of the time that we are his best friends and that his sister is his best friend and so is Gabby. And Ribby the Razorback. I feel like he sounds like Oprah when he says it...You get a new car and You get a new car!!!

Mason is spunky too. He is a runner. We have had lots of serious conversations about running. He thinks it is funny, and Mommy tries to tell him he will get taken by a bad person. I told him once and he told me it was okay...Daddy will get in the car and find me. Oh no kiddo he won't. Spunky!! 

Mason has also begun lying!!! Isn't he too young to do that? I mean he blames things on his sister already and Gabby. He is a MESS!! The first time he lied I thought did he just do that and now it is almost daily. And he gives us this smile like he knows he isn't about to get away with it, but he knows he is cute. 

Mason loves birthdays and parties. He loves to say it is his birthday even when it isn't. I think this year his birthday will be extra special. I am planning to take him and do something super fun just Mommy and Daddy and then all of our family is coming over to celebrate. We aren't doing a big party this year, since we are leaving the next day to take Mason skiing. If you ask him what are you doing for your birthday he says go to the mountains and go skiing! 

After Mason went to bed last night, I spread balloons down the stairs and into the living room. He loves balloons. I heard him at the top of the stairs say BALLOONS!!! Then he came down and saw the others. He came into our room with excitement in his voice and said Mommy, Daddy I have to show you something! Not sure who he thinks put the balloons everywhere, but needless to say he was happy and excited. I had planned to take him donuts to school in the morning, while Michael took the kids to school, but yesterday several kids in Addison's class had a stomach bug and I did not want her there. Plus they said she had thrown up, even though she hasn't since so it might have been spitting up. No need to risk it before we go out of town. Instead, Michael and him left really early and Michael took him to Krispy Kreme to pick out donuts for his class. 

Tonight he will get the meal of his choice, which will most likely be Chick-Fil-A, and cupcakes. Then tomorrow, we are having family over for pizza and presents. But he is most excited about Sunday, airplanes and skiing. 

Sizes: You wear a 3T or 4T in almost everything. Daddy thinks it should be 4T on everything, but I disagree except in shirts.

Potty Trained: We trained you at 2yr 5 months old. You haven't worn a diaper during the day since May and at night since November. Even though, November was probably too late, but Mommy didn't want to wash sheets. 

Weight: 35lbs

Height: 39" tall 3ft 3inches

Sleeping: Big Boy bed since 2. You sleep from 8pm-6am. Some nights are better than others. You always come downstairs and ask for Mickey Mouse, Daniel Tiger or Super Why in the mornings. 

Likes: Mason loves all things baseball. He is excited about skiing and I am sure will be asking when he gets to go again. He is all boy. He runs and is crazy all of the time. Sometimes I wonder how he has the energy to keep going. 

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