Thursday, May 5, 2016

Addison 12 Months

Weight: 19lbs. She is my tiny little monkey. She sits right on the average timeline.

Height: 29.75" I am thinking she is at 30" even but she was not having getting measured at the doctor.

Clothes: We are officially in 12m clothing. YAY! I finally feel like she is growing. Hopefully she doesn't spike and spike and spike like her brother did. I am enjoying having a little baby.

Eats: AddieMo is no longer on bottles. She drinks a lactose free milk and seems to be doing good. She might drink 12oz of milk a day and 3 meals plus a snack.

Sleeps: Still sleeping like a champ! 6:30pm-7am. On the weekends she will sleep until 8:00AM if we let her. It is crazy to me.

Likes: Addison likes to point. I feel like she wants me to tell her what everything is right now. She grabs things and holds them up to me asking what's her own terms. She is a watcher and doer. We have to be careful or she will try something she sees us or brother doing.

Dislikes: She is still a fearful child. At her birthday party she was only okay with Me, my Mom , Michael and even my Dad. Normally she isn't a huge fan of going to my Dad so I think he quite enjoyed extra snuggles. She hates people outside of Michael and Me.

Teeth: 5 teeth. She now has 6 teeth.

Saying: Mama, Dada, Bubba, Gah Gah (Gabby), Mah Mah (More) Nana, Papa, Tank ooouu,

What's New: Into everything!!!! Nothing is safe in our house. Nothing!!! She is way worse than her brother ever was with cabinets. I might be locking everything up high or child locking everything.

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