Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mason 10 Months

I spent last week gone, but my hubby was wonderful enough to get a picture of Mason on the day of his 10 Month mark.  I look through the pictures and laughed.  Those two boys in my life keep me happy.

What is this sticker that you put on me each month?Mason_Allen_11_08_2013_3571.NEFLaughing at his Daddy.Mason_Allen_11_08_2013_3578.NEFI think he is whining, but it looks like he is laughing really hard.Mason_Allen_11_08_2013_3579.NEFFinally a picture for his Mama.Mason_Allen_11_09_2013_3586.NEF 

Weight: He doesn’t have to go back to the doctor until later this month for his flu shot booster, but my professional opinion says he weighs in at 23+.  SO BIG.  My arm muscles are thanking him.   

Height: When we went into the doctor for his flu shot he measured at 30.5” and that was two weeks after he measured in at 29.5”.

Clothes: He is wearing everything 9-12 months or 12 months at this point.  Long and lean, some of the pants fit great in the legs but are bagging in the waist.  I think this will be a continuous probably for him.  

Eats: Loving everything.  Lately he has been wanting 4-7oz bottles during the day.  This was 3 bottles.  He must be growing again.  The other cute thing he does is if I am eating something here he comes mouth open expecting a bite.  He really can eat just about whatever I put in front of him.

Sleeps: Sleeping great.  10-12 hours a night. We fixed our little slip up sleeper by cutting some teeth and getting back into our ROUTINE!!  Routine is the key to a happy good sleeper or at least in our house.

What he is enjoying: Walking, talking, playing, dancing! What is he not into these days.  He is into the cabinets in the kitchen.  He is officially no longer army crawling.  I think he finally figured out that on all fours he can pull up to anything.  I mean anything.  Walls, doors, whatever he wants.

Teeth: We have 6 teeth!! Yay! He finally got his top middle ones and doesn’t look like a vampire anymore.  I think he is cutting molars or something because the drool has been crazy lately.

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